Has anyone accessed the akashic records?

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i need to talk to someone online who has or believes they have for an essay im writing…and also out of pure interest. Im hopefully looking to email or IM please let me know

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Not yet.
But if your search is sincere then they will find you.

be good

Edgar Cayce did.


I _may_ have done. It depends on whether what i’ve experienced is communication with the dead or something else. If it’s something else, even then it may not be real. There’s not much to report really. I occasionally have dreams which are hard to explain involving apparent experiences from other times than my own, which are sometimes verifiable but quite unreliable. One way of explaining this would be the akashic record, but i try to be sceptical most of the time so i’m not very keen on discussing it in those terms. I’m looking for a less bizarre explanation. Oh yes, and the other thing is that i sometimes get bits of information which turn out to be true but which i can’t explain how i know.


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