Home Discussion Forum Has anybody tried using a ouija board? What was your experiences?

Has anybody tried using a ouija board? What was your experiences?

I am sceptical that it will work – but I want to try to use one, just out of curiousity. Has anybody done it? And what happened? It is just a load of rubbish?


  1. I personally haven’t used one, but my sister had a group of friends who were using one, and I can’t remember properly because this happened a good few years ago, but they allegedly pissed it off and it flew off the table and smashed, they never tried again.

  2. I havnt but once my firends mom did it when she was a girl and as soon as she got close it became all ghostly and flew throgugh the wall.

  3. I havent used one, I’m not really that curious about them, because if I am to divinate or meditate (which is obviously not the ouiji board – but you get what I mean) I think I am only truely comfortable on my own, in my own concentration and phsycicness..if I was to try a ouiji board and obviously do it with other people, I dont think my concentration, trust and intent would be present, because I would be distracted by other people and not trust that they are sinceer.(sp)

  4. I’m not sure whether to believe it or not but my friends grandad when he was younger tried it and said he saw a ghost and this led to him having a breakdown , i wouldn’t know whether i would try it or not i think i would be to scared to be honest 🙂 even though im 12 lol

  5. Ever since I was a young girl, I always loved anything scary. My favorite movie as a child was the Exorcist. As I grew older I became aware of the ouija board. The first time I played it I was 15 years old. I played it alot with my friend Melissa. I loved this new toy so much that she gladly gave it to me.
    I played everyday after school, and met someone by the initals of TJ. He told me many things, about history and my life. He always had a thing for telling me he loved me. I brushed it off as fun, until one Sunday night. I had friends over and we decided to play with my board. We didn’t get TJ, we met another spirit named Philip, and we would ask him questions on when he died and how, and we wanted proof that he, or something was in the room.
    We had a candle lit and we begged it to do something. The spirit made the candle go out and then light back up. My friends and I screamed and we had enough. My board went back in the closet. Everyone left and I got ready for bed as usual. I always put my shoes beside my bed at night. I locked my bedroom door, and crawled into bed still feeling strange about the events of the night. I woke up the next morning for school, and I looked down at where my shoes should have been. There was only one. I freaked out, first because I knew I put 2 shoes beside the bed at night, and second I would be late for school. I searched everywhere for my shoe. I could not find it anywhere and there was no explanation for why it was missing.
    I was home alone for a few days afterwards as my aunt wasn’t to return until Tuesday. I was all alone! I got myself so sick, I threw up and called my friend up to skip school and spend the day with because I was too sick over my lost shoe. I didn’t think it was the spirit I usually talked too that was responsible, because nothing like that ever happened before. It had to be the one that made the candle go out! I got ready to go to my friend’s house, but before I did I got my ouija board from my closet and threw it in the trash and I ran out the door.
    Hours later when I came home, I was horrified to see my ouija board on my bed and not in the trash bag where I put it before I left. I was terrified. I called up a friend to come over to help me dispose of this crazy board. I was so afraid I waited outside till he arrived. We burned the board. To this day I never found my shoe. I learned maybe that most people are right about the warnings. Don’t touch the ouija board because you never know what kind of spirit you might meet!

  6. I am an owner of an ouija board, and it works some of the time. I am pagan/wiccan and I opened a portal/door/whatever you want to call it and had this demonic prescence following me for some time. She finally went away, but if you do decide to play with an ouija board, i suggest that you cast a circle to help keep you safe. If you would like to ask questions feel free to email me. About anything mystical/magickal/ about being a sanguinarian.. or just life in general, email me. I am not a goth and i am not lookin for attention, just to help people find their way.

  7. Is just load of rubbish, my lover and I try it, get no answers, his mother and brother get silly answers, they not see him long time, ask it name of his girlfriend, it say Nancy, my name Miyuki not Nancy, Japanese not American, some people tell silly tales, say is dangerous, is just cheap toy, impossible is dangerous, toy stores not sell dangerous toys.

  8. i used one last year with my friends, it worked. we contacted my papa and my friends mum. i dont think anyone would have been sick enough to move the glass on purpose but their could be a brain think that makes us move it without our knowlage.

  9. yes its a load of bull. it works by something called indeomotor movement. this is where if you think about something (like the glass moving to a certain letter) you will sub consiously move it towards that letter with small movements. here is a video about it, in more simple terms of a pendant, but its the same principal.
    derren brown did an experiment with ouija boards. he told people the name of his grandfather was (can’t remember, so lets just say fred) so they all thought they were talking to fred, and they asked his name, and ‘the spirit’ spelled out f-r-e-d. really, it was them moving the glass. his name was not fred, and his grandad was alive.

  10. I wouldn’t try it and I usually wouldn’t believe in things like that, at least until I’ve seen it for myself, but I have a normal mum and dad and they wouldn’t lie to me, and they tried it when they first met as teenagers and bad things happened! I say they tried it but not really, they chose to stay out the circle but instead watched their friends do it. One friend in particular taunted the “spirit” when it made contact, and when the glass moved and spelled out “I’m going to get you” to him he laughed more. I cant remember what the spirit said but it was, according to my Dad, quite childish – a bit like in the exorcist. Weeks later my Dad’s friend’s motorbike was acting up and backfiring and the back wheel was squinting when he rode it, so the friend asked my Dad for a lift to work. They had an accident on the way and my Dad’s friend died, another person who was there that night hung himself and no one knows why. In fairness there were other people playing who lived, but what freaked me was that the bike which was acting up was taken out the day after the accident and there was nothing wrong with it. Could all be coincidence but I just wouldn’t even go there!

  11. don’t believe the scary stories you hear about weird things happening when you use a ouija board. it’s all non sense meant to scare people and keep them from using ouija boards. or it’s people just making stuff up for the fun of it. nothing evil will pop out of the ouija board, nothing bad will happen and you’ll just have fun. don’t believe what religious people say about them either, be cause the church, of any denomination, is built on fear. so called “preachers” will say any thing to get people to believe as they believe, be cause a frightened parishioner is good for business. churches make millions, if not billions, of dollars a year, all be cause they use fear tactics to get people to give up their own beliefs and go along with the views of the preachers.
    if you want to use a ouija board, go ahead. if it does work, there could be one of three reasons why. your hand automatically moves the planchette just be cause the hand is filled with nerves that make the hand move even when you don’t mean it to. try holding your hands still while holding them in front of your face. they wlll always move be cause the nerves are constantly active, even when you try to make your hands stay still. second reason – you may be “psychic”, if there’s any such thing, or may be you’re just tuning in to your own subconscious mind, and it’s the subconscious mind that makes the messages come up. in other words, your subconscious mind is communicating directly with your conscious mind. and the third reason – you really are talking to spirits.
    if you do get a response, ask lots of questions that can specifically narrow down the “spirit”. ask for names, dates, years and places, street names, addresses, etc. then, if you can and if you want, do some research. find out if such a person ever actually lived. who knows? you just might be the first to prove that ouija boards actually work. and again – don’t listen to all the scary stories. they are NON SENSE.


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