Has anybody lived as Eckhart Tolle say's yet, being present ?






After reading both books, the ‘Power of Now’ and the New Earth I have found that they have fundamentally changed my life for the good, is there any person or persons out there who is also experiencing changes in their consciousness


  1. I have always lived in the now. Is what I have been telling people for decades. But people have to come to the awareness themselves, it can’t be forced. The Power of Now is a very good book. So is ‘ Is there life after death, by Anthony Peake.:)
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

  2. It is a focusing that brings us to what is and the joy (He calls it enthusiasm) instead of the imaginings of the ego. There is much more in A Course in Miracles.

  3. i`m a person who`s come from a strong collective pain body(bronx N Y)
    although i still struggle with it some time,but i find the teachings of eckhart tolle very but very useful : )

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