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If so how much did it cost and how long did it last and what was it like ? Did they try and help you with a particular problem in your life or did they concentrate on predicting what would happen in your future ?

Was it any good ? Would you do it again ? Did you shuffle the cards ?

Answer by Fireball
no it is the occult….and it is useless….worship the trinity instead!!!!!!!


  • No i havent but I read my tarot cards occasionally and I would never charge to do a reading for someone else.

  • I read tarot cards and i offer readings to friends and family too. I do it for free at the moment because I have only been reading cards for a year so I don’t consider myself experienced enough to ask for money. Every reading I have done people have said was accurate. I personally don’t think predicting the future is one hundered percent reliable with tarot cards as they pick up on personality traits and current problems that can affect the future but if someone decided to change their perspective one day the next tarot reading would be completely different. I always prefer the querant to shuffle the cards but it isn’t necessary, i have given readings to friends over the phone and they’ve been accurate. Tarot cards are a very good tool for problem solving and perspective but unfortunately there are a hell of a lot of frauds out there that make it difficult to get a good reading. If you want one I’d advise checking it out first to make sure other people were satisfied.

  • Mu husband and I had it done at a party once for fun. I don’t put much stock in it, but it was fun…it was free, and we just cut the deck, not shuffled the cards.

    The funny thing was that the reader was talking all about this huge life change that was coming, etc, and I dismissed it as nonsense. Meanwhile, Rich was behind me really freaked because we were going on a trip the very next day where he was planning to propose to me–which he did, and of course, that DID mean a huge life change. Coincidence, but a cool one.

  • Not only have I had a couple years ago, I now give them for others.
    I use Oracle Cards instead of tarot. They are a little different in the sense that my deck has a bit of an attitude. It will tell you what you need to hear about a particular problem, or just what you need to know in your life right now. And it doesn’t hold back. I don’t really do the whole future predicting thing. I believe that there are so many influences as to what will happen in the future, mearly changing one thing you do might completely change the outcome. So it’s not very accurate sometimes.
    I’ve had good readings by truely gifted readers, and bad ones by people who are just cold reading me. Thankfully I can tell the difference and walk away from the fakes.
    Shuffling cards depends on the reader. I don’t let anyone ever touch my Oracle Cards. It picks up on other people’s energy without having them touch them. I don’t care what people do with any of my other two decks (tarot, animal messenger) they can touch those all they want. But my Oracle Cards don’t like being touched by others. I just always get this very strong sense of it being really bad to let somene else touch them. *shrugs* But that’s just me and my deck.

  • Who hasn’t read their horoscope? My ex-wife read the tarot for me years ago. Do I believe in them? No, never did, but it’s fun to do.
    It’s a bunch of fluff for one’s amusement. As for ever doing it again, absolutely not!!! I won’t have my palm read, either; these practices are only superstition and offer no guidance for living. The Bible is way better, if you’d accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

  • Never had one done but I have done lots of them for others, and for free of charge…I can’t resist helping a friend.
    I usually look a little into the person’s past, then focus on an issue that they are having now, use the past to try to solve it, then look at the possible outcomes if left unchecked or if fixed.
    It really all depends on what they want.

    I do it whenever asked to, yes I would do it again, yes I make them shuffle the cards.

    (I even once told my friend she was moving, the next day she came in and told me she found out that night that she was moving)

  • I’ve had a few and independently they all seemed to say the same thing.

    I am going to win or gain something important but not neccessarily money and it will proceed a great change or conflict.

    How helpful is that!

  • Ive had many tarot card readings and find most of them very good.

    Yes you shuffle the cards – the layout will be different for each reader though.

    The tarot reader at the start may ask if there is any part of you life you would like to focus on, career, love, money etc. Most of mine have read through all parts of my life.

    Each reading is entirely different, you may get a reading where its all about whats alreadhappeneded in your life and how it may affect you later on or what you did at thtimeem that yoweren’tnt really aware of. Other may predict parts of your future – its all down ttheeindividualal to be honest.

    I pay around £25 and get probably 1-1.5hrs

  • I have and I do.
    It was free of charge as it should be
    Mainly gave me a confirmation of my own reading
    When I do them, I shuffle. When it is done to me, I just cut

  • Yes, many many years ago…my mom was into that kinda thing. I have no idea what it would cost today. And because I was only 15 he concentrated on telling me my future…and even though this day I don’t believe in that stuff, I was surprised that alot of what he predicted came true. I did shuffle the cards. No, I would not do it again.

  • No, but I have seen a website that teaches about how you can do a reading yourself and I have been trying to find some tarot cards so I can do it.

  • years ago, yes.

    it was done by a friend, so it was free.

    not good or bad – it just was.

    no, i always get the DEATH card, which only means a change, but still it’s a bit off putting when it comes up.

    no, i only cut the deck, not shuffled.

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