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Has anybody ever brought a book explaining witchcraft into your home and had these kinds of experiences?

A underworld “secret” society known as the New World Order / Illuminati with it’s many branches such as the “Free” Masons & Associates, Mafia & Associates, New Age movement and associated witchcraft cults just to name a few used witchcraft / demonic forces to try and enslave you? And through said spiritual bondage, they forced you through methods of witchcraft to go through a “secret” ceremony performed through transcendental meditation? In said ceremony did they force you to accept the worship of one of the NWO’s many “Gods”, one of which was the Devil, another they called Jesus, but seemed to have a demon for every occasion? Is this how the NWO is joining all religions of the world together under one banner of 666? Is this how the Illuminati are enslaving society? Is this the method for distributing the spiritual mark of the Beast?
Maybe you played or practiced occult paraphernalia in the form of games and or practices such as role playing games, forms of divination, or Harry Potter witchcraft books which the Illuminati have placed into society to take people into spiritual bondage / captivity Revelation 13, 10?
Did this secret society torture you with witchcraft by methods including but not limited to mind control / manipulation, sleep deprivation, trying to control a persons thought process by demonic forces / witchcraft?
Do you have Tinnitus / ringing in the ears from witches casting spells on you while you slept? Do they make it so obvious they seem quite boastful of their craft?
Did this satanic cult place witchcraft dreams in your mind as you slept? Did people appear to enter your dreams making you very aware of their satanic agenda / witchcraft?
Have you been attacked by the spirits of witches while you slept? Have you witness the spirit of a witch travel and try to enter your room at night? Thank God for Holy Angels! She won’t try that again!!!
Did you have an experience were something made you pass out in your dreams, which was followed by a spiritual attack were the spirit would seize your heart causing it to stop beating? Thank God for the Holy Spirit! The New World Order is evil and very dangerous!
Have you ever experienced heart palpitations, a crimping sensation on the artery just below the heart, your heart hurting for no apparent reason, uncontrollable muscle spasms, or twitching to such extremes that you where aware of demonic manifestation / oppression / witchcraft?
While falling asleep have you ever suddenly awakened being zapped by an electrical spiritual power followed by a light flashing in the room?
Have you ever fasted and experienced spiritual warfare which appeared as if spirits where hovering on top of the roof above your bed and throwing what felt like spiritual sand extremely hard against your skin even if you where covered and ware pajamas?
Have you experienced sleep paralysis, been tortured in your dreams, or had violent dreams?
Have they summoned demonic forces to oppress you, or attack you? Have you ever had to fight the dead? What are you going to do kill it?
Have members of the secret society confronted you and blatantly thrown Gods name in vain in your face to the extent you where aware of its satanic meaning? Have they threatened you and your family members with law enforcement, other branches of government, or there satanic family of SS members? Did there members work covertly to get you fired from your work? My list is endless! Is your yet to come?
Whats wrong Catcher are the spirits entwined into your soul getting angry?
Epona and I thought you where going to say a funny / Witch Doctor… ROTFLOL You know the Bible says thou shan’t suffer a witch to live?
Epona and I thought you where going to say a funny / Witch Doctor… ROTFLOL You know the Bible says thou shan’t suffer a witch to live?


  1. I have been a Witch for over 40 years and mine is one of the most peaceful homes you could visit. Contrary to ignorant rantings such as yours, we don’t hurt people and I bet more of us heal and help than you do with your anger and paranoia. Come back when you are older and we can talk again

  2. Pfffttt…I am a Witch, have been for many years, None of the things you have described have ever happened to me or mine. And I have never nor have any I known performed the acts that you have made up with your wild imagination.
    Have a nice day.
    BTW, when was the last time you saw your doctor?

  3. No, that whole NWO thing is just a myth and conspiracy theory.
    Pagans and Witches have lots of books. We have no conspiracy. Most masons are Christian.


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