Home Discussion Forum Has anybody else had an awakening experience on entheogens?

Has anybody else had an awakening experience on entheogens?

I recently had quite a traumatic spiritual awakening during an LSD trip. I understand the stigma that comes along with psychedelic drugs makes the experience difficult to verify to outside parties, but at the same time, I understand there is a recorded history of these experiences happening over time, to groups and people from many different cultures, with the ability to transform the user very dramatically for the better. The experience was traumatic for me because I had experiemented with psychedelics before, but this went way beyond anything I had ever experienced before, and I felt very sincerely changed afterwards. In other words, humbled. Please don’t chastise me for using drugs, or offer ‘trippy’ stories, I don’t use drugs regularly, I don’t even smoke. But this was not your typical hallucination! I’d like to hear from open minded folk who might be able to tell me a little about where I can turn for more information about opening experiences on entheogens.


  1. I haven’t used entheogens, though I know a few who do. Mainly Native Americans using Peyote for vision quests. It is amazing though, that some of the recorded instances have shown that people from opposite sides of the world have had the same visions. And several have been changed by the experience… normally for the better. A lot of what you will find on the net about it will be from Pagan websites… mostly. I’m not sure where you will find others speaking about their experiences (and one should always be careful about believing those who share different experiences each time you talk to them)

  2. welcome to the noumenal world. google alfreed m. hubbard, albert hoffman, francis crick and find out what its all about, and congratulations on your experience, too bad it was dramatic. cant wait to go back to mexico and get some pharm grade LSD-25s again.


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