Has any1 read The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey?

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If yes what do you think about it?

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Mossflower Wood

I’ve read about the first half of it, and now that you bring up, I think I’ll go finish it. 🙂
I like it, honestly. I’m not sure what else to say about it.
@ Grrrrr! — Yes, from th Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth.
11. When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.
@Emma K– Yes, LaVeyan Satanists are atheists.

Grrrrr! [Atheati PoopSkaDoodle]

I haven’t, but i hear its good stuff.
Is it true one of the Satanist Laws is “If someone is bothering you, tell them to leave you alone. If they dont, then destroy them”?


just some parts of it somewhere online long time ago.
nothing special,could good as therapy for people with stressful life.


I have.
I think it’s a little sexually biased towards hetero, but otherwise a sound philosophy.


I’m sure Anton read it unless he wrote with his eyes closed. I would not recommend it.

Emma K

No but my sister has and I think it talks about atheism and not Satan. is that true? I’d like to read it actually


It was quite an interesting read. Though I won’t become a Satanist anymore than reading the bible makes me Christian…. but it did clear up a lot of misconceptions I had.


Of course. I am an Active member/Agent for the Church of Satan and I write for some of their magazines. Satanism is a religion of skeptical atheists. It is the only religion that is based on things that are real and part of reality. Other religions are based on spiritual occult mumbo jumbo


Yeah, when I worked at a bookstore, the Satanic Bible got shoplifted more than any other book! True story!
I have read through it, and a lot of it is self-congratulatory gobbledygook, much of it stolen from H.P. Lovecraft. Do a web search on Anton Lavey: you will find that before he founded the church of Satan, he worked as a carnival barker. His work was based on hustling other people–he switched job titles, but the career was still the same.

kleptomanic sheep

it was a very interesting read, and i think some parts of it make a lot more sense than e.g. Christian text. however, i reread it a while back, and i’d say some parts are unnecessarily selfish – i.e. it takes “do unto others as you want them to do unto you”, turns it around and takes it a step further – sure, i’d say, if they’re horrible, don’t sacrifice yourself to be nice to them, but don’t start with the cruetly before they do.
Elphaba – have you read the bit about LaVey’s experiences at the carnival which led to his creation of the book? all that about men spending Saturday evening watching exotic dancers, and Sunday morning praying forgiveness for that ‘sin’….and then doing it all over again next week?

Frankie B

No, nor do i wish to. Anton LaVey is a calm and smart man, who says that he conceived his take on satanism as a system based “on rational self-interest”. This is simply not how one should live. “How to live” is to serve God (who loves you) and your fellow man who God created. If Jesus was not who he said he was (John 14:6), then he was a liar and also probably the craziest person ever. You wouldn’t call Jesus a liar to his face unless you were lied to yourself since Satan runs the world in 2008. The Gospel turns out to be VERY reliable for an ancient text. You need to read the bible (everyone does), not Anton’s “pop selfishness book”.


It did give me a lot to think about. I was particularly amused by his comparison of watching television to the worship of a deity. He makes the point that there is a television in nearly every house in America, enshrined in a place of honour, and rather than gathering in churches, Americans spend much more time before the television shrine in their homes. In this way, television has replaced church as the most common gathering point for people, and watching TV has replaced deity worship.
I particularly got to thinking about a question that didn’t go away for several days, until I figured it out. The question is: why should any of us choose good rather than evil? Why doesn’t the law of the jungle pervade human society and interactions, as LaVey advocates? Sure, billions of people believe in some sort of cosmic retribution for bad behaviour, and that has certainly restrained much of humanity’s more destructive impulses. But they believe this without proof. If there is no such justice, why then should we choose to be good to each other?
Eventually the answer came to me: we largely choose to be good to each other so we can sleep undisturbed. If all of human society was governed only by the strongest, most ruthless and best-armed, our lives would be submerged in constant violence, bloodshed, domination, competition and distrust. We would each be constantly on guard against some attack or betrayal. But if we by and large choose to take care of each other, then everyone can trust, relax and spend time on more productive pursuits than simply competing for resources. I do credit the Satanic Bible with giving me a reason to think about that.

Dr. Zoom Zoom

Oh yes. When you’re young and impressionable, you tend not be critical of such hogwash.
Myth 24. ASL wrote the Satanic Bible, his principal work, to fulfill his congregation’s need for a scriptural guide. The Satanic Bible was actually conceived as a commercial vehicle by paperback publisher Avon Books. Avon approached ASL for some kind of Satanic work to cash in on the Satanism & witchcraft fad of the late 1960s. Pressed for material to meet Avon’s deadline, ASL resorted to plagiarism, assembling extracts from an obscure 1896 tract – Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard into a “Book of Satan” for the SB, and claiming its authorship by himself. [Ironically these MiR passages are the ones most frequently quoted by ASL disciples.] Another third of the SB consists of John Dee’s “Enochian Keys”, taken directly but again without attribution from Aleister Crowley’s Equinox. The SB’s “Nine Satanic Statements”, one of the Church of Satan’s central doctrines, is a paraphrase, again unacknowledged, of passages from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. The last words in the SB – “Yankee Rose” – have been puzzled over for years by readers. “YR” is actually the name of an old popular tune in ASL’s nightclub repertoire. SOURCES: ASL, The Satanic Bible; Ragnar Redbeard, Might is Right, Port Townsend: Loompanics (reprint), 1896; Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged (Galt’s speech, ca. pages #936-993); “Yankee Rose” by Sidney Holden & Abe Frankl (Irving Berlin Music, 1926).
Myth 2. Man is naturally violent, and therefore, being violent is natural. This advice appeals to juvenile deliquent teens, anti-social misfit types, and psychotics – – all who want to lash out at the world. It’s no surprise then that LaVey was a wife beater and part time pimp that abused his own animals! LaVey says Satanists should lash out at anyone who gives them a problem. Rather than see agression as a result of frustration, LaVey instead encourages readers to act upon it. Frustrated young people learn a dangerous lesson: hositility is normal and should be acted upon. LaVey is teaching people “hostility and helplessness”, rather than giving them a reason to work out their problems. If you follow LaVey’s advice, you’ll eventually wind up in jail. The fact of the matter is, man is not born violent, but learns it. Man enters the world with cooperative tendencies and has to be taught violent ones. Psychologist Anthony Moriarity in his book The Psychology of Adolescent Satanism: A Guide for Parents, Counselors, Clergy, and Teachers sites studies done by anthropologists to back this up, namely Monatgu (1950) Bandura(1973) Baron (1985) It makes sense if you think about it, because children raised in violent homes often grow up to be violent themselves, whereas children from non-violent homes usually do not. Since it’s actually unatural to be violent, Satanism is therefore unatural too.
I’ve also read The Satanic Rituals. The truth is, LaVey prescribed rituals for Satanists that normal people would find crazy. For instance, a nude girl is used as an altar (Satanic Bible, Satanic Rituals). A human skull is used in Die Elektrischen Vorspiele ritual (Satanic Rituals, p. 109). A human leg bone or arm bone is used in Homage to Tchort ritual (p.137). A woman dressed as nun urinates before group into a bedpan in the Black Mass ritual (p.43). The urine is then sprinkled like holy water (p.44). A man climbs into coffin with nude woman (or nude man if he is gay) in Le Epais ritual (p.59). LaVey gives instructions for “turning into a werewolf” that include running around outside on all fours with a wolf mask (The Devil’s Notebook)
That’s what I think about it. I don’t need it.


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