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Has any wiccian, shaman, pagan ect ever experienaced a spell so powerful it changed your life?

I am talking either magik or had a paranormal event of such magnitude that it bent almost every known law of reality you know. I once knew a psychic that told me when two of my friends will meet, what they are wearing, what happens all down to the exact details of resturant and what they ordered and how i went and what they will talk about. I asked my firneds and they went white when I told them what the psychic said.
I am just fascinated in stories that defy all senses of science or logic like that and make you really think hard about reality. I know many wiccians and shamans who have done amazing things so I just want to hear your stories.


  1. I don’t know about all that, but the chicks at the wiccan book store are total whores. All you gotta do is pretend that you sense a powerful “aura” around them and you can pop ’em right into bed. I love bunny-headed tree huggers!

  2. Nothing seriously life changing, but there have been a few times that I’ve had some success with spells that did some pretty amazing things. I’ve also done some work with energy passing between friends. When I was just getting started as a Wiccan, I did some love spells that worked a little too well. I think I possibly altered someones life, but I think it was for the better. Other than that the spells that I’ve done are money related. I got just a little over 4,000 dollars after asking for that amount. I wish I’d asked for more, because the 4 grand didn’t quite cover what I needed. Otherwise, just synchronicity in my life leading me to the point that I’m at now is pretty amazing in itself. I tried my hardest not to move to the city that I’m currently living in, but if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have met my soul mate. He was facing similar circumstances as I was, and was forced to move back here after leaving for over a year. That’s about it though. I don’t really cast spells too often, but when I do, good stuff happens.

  3. I do psychometery to a tee. I have been able to tell someone about thier past to the name without having to fish for it like john edwards. I tell them the settingit happened in, also what happened and I do this without mistakes, it amasing. The sheer math of getting all that right is overwhelming, it just can’t happen. Also I have healed peopel with reiki, really chronic stuff and mild diseases. The only physics shattering thing I have witnessed was when a oiji board pointer threw it self up into the air after we all taken our hands off it, we were just sitting talking around the table and bam it flies 3 feet up and one kicked or was touching anything.


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