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Has any one felt and seen a gray swirling energy enter into your body?

This morning while waiting for the alarm clock to ring I felt an energy pulling me. I thought I may be my mothers spirit so I relaxed and embraced it. The energy turned into a swirling grayish silver ball that came closer to me then I felt it enter my body from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. Serious answers please. Im scared shitless!!
wow, Grim, u are right on point. thank u so much.


  1. Many people believe that a persons life energy is what leads them to do things. Like when you need to go to the bathroom your Life Energy or Chi, as I will call it, will lead you to the bathroom etc. There have been reports of people seeing this happen where a greyish trasparent snakelike spiral will leave the body and lead them somewhere. Yours could have been trying to reach you to do something bigger than use the restroom and the like. You seeing his is probably normal. You very well be a hyper-sensitive. You see, hear and smell things that others can’t and this is simply your senses picking up on something strange.


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