Home Discussion Forum Has any improve their fighting skill through meditation?

Has any improve their fighting skill through meditation?

I do mma,BJJ,Submission wrestling,Kickboxing and Muay thai and i want to focus as much as possible and Advance as best as i can so does anyone have any idea how meditation will allow me to advance as a fighter do you know any famous fighter that do?


  1. “The body does as the mind says”. If your mind is not sharp, how can your movements be sharp? Many of the greatest fighters do not have a strong physique, but a determined and clear mind. Meditation will benefit not only fighters, but will aide you in everyday tasks. I reccomend you google, “dan tien abdominal meditation” , or visit a buddhist temple/church near your home (im sure there is one, check google) and join in on their meditation sessions. Buddhism is not a religion, but a philosphy, so its ok if you practice a different religion. As for famous fighters who meditate, Im not sure. I have seen Lyoto Machida talk about meditation a little bit…….but as a Sanda fighter myself, all of the sanda fighters in China usually have traditional kung fu training, and they use meditation, that is why you never see a Chinese Sanda fighter loose their cool.
    If you are only training the body, you are not fully training yourself.
    Hypnosis is another good thing for fighters. Try going to to hypnotist to improve your mental game/ MANY fighters uses hypnotherapist. Research it

  2. I know not any famous fighter that did…then again I know of many famous fighters but know little about their training techniques. Anyways…I do meditate. I prefer actual sparring, but I dont always have a partner to do so. So I meditate. Muscle memory is not only in the muscles themselves, but also in the mind. Try something…lets picture an evade tactic, pick one you seldom use, for instance like evading a turning kick by sliding to the inside of an opponent. imagine youself doing this hundreds of times, think of nothing more. Meditate on it from different angles and speeds, even try to get fatigued in you visualization. The next day practice it with a partner. It will feel familiar…like if you had actually physically practiced it.
    Real practice is always better. But you can meditate at school, at work, at night and even while being injured.

  3. i got to tell you, meditation has been the best tool i’ve used in my training for 2 years now. it relaxes the body and mind. it helps to to be on your toes when sparring. you really see the openings more clearly cause your mind is flushed of everything not “XYZ art” it helps you to remember all the techniques and the set ups.
    fighters who i KNOW meditate regularly…
    Diego Sanchez
    BJ Penn
    Lyoto Machida
    Bas Rutten
    Cole Miller
    Ricardo Arona
    Rickson Gracie

  4. the body is 35% physical and 65% mental. If you spend half your time working out and half the time “meditating” you will be a much more effective fighter. Meditating is at the most basic stage just deep thought. as it goes deeper it becomes spiritual. If you spend time before a fight to meditate on your fight, you will do a better job. I remember one time I forgot I was going to go to martial arts class and when I got to class I only had time to stretch and gear up. My mind was on other things and I fought terribly. I need to meditate( which for me it’s just deep thought. a time to clear my mind and get focused on the task at hand) to fight effectively.

  5. It works. Im sure kenny florian Does something. Spiritual Wise. I do it. It takes your nerves away and makes you have a more clear and sound mind and you perform better,


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