Has anone ever had a spiritual awakening and what was it like?

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Death. Jesus. Satan. Hell. Heaven. I assure you, if you make it back you will be a different person. It changed me and my life forever.

bria bria

yes and suprisingly you feel like litterally like a weight has been lifted you serously feel like your weightless

paula r

yes/it was like when the guy in the Bible had the scales fall from his eyes. I could see the Truth of God’s Word, perfectly. It was like putting the last piece in to a 1,000 piece puzzle .


Yes there are people who have had this experience and they have written down for us the method in how to have this experience for ourselves. This method allows us to know all the answers we ask about life, how and why it all started, how it will end and what we are supposed to be doing in the mean time. Here is a very cool video that answers your question perfectly. I hope it helps you in finding what you are searching for. Best wishes.


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