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Has Al Gore entered the Ministry? A Council Deacon for the New Age of the Awakening Mind?

Ladies and Gentlemen, our
“Global Council on Spiritual Politics & Global Citizenship”
((Whatever that means))
Al Gore
Dennis Kuccinich
Marianne Williamson
Deepak Chopra
Cornel West
Robert Thurman
Tu Weiming
Barbara Bernstein
pony, wow, thanks. worse than I thought
also the thing I posted is NOT A JOKE it is real


  1. WOAH! Okay…it is one thing to come for our taxes but now they want my consciousness?
    This was disturbing..”global consciousness” is not just about “thinking” or “concepts” or “theory”…it is, as we shall soon see, the most profound pragmatic and practical action we humans can take to change our worlds.
    What the F*** does that MEAN?!?!!? They say this is their “Global Blueprint” in their mission statement as transformative powers for the common good…Common good for WHO? Thats my question…Regulating thoughts is against nature and all universal laws. This, no matter how deliciously nice it sounds on their site is not a good idea. Nature mirrors itself…ya know what happens when you combine all food in one pot? It looks like puke…THIS, same idea in my view.

  2. Actually, I’m thinking he more entered as a council deacon for the mind that went to sleep movement. God bless.

  3. No doubt this will play an important part in the rise of the antichrist and the one world government to come. A one world government approved religion. The Algorians will be knocking on doors pretty soon, phony smiles, glazed over eyes, chanting mantras and holding out flowers that are “free”. “Less is more, we want to “help” you”, they will chant.Killing trees is MURDER, save the Sea Kittens, abortions are GOOD for the Earth, wanting your own home and possesions is EVIL and so on…..

  4. The man did not do well in science classes, and studied divinity and graduated with some kind of a degree in government.
    ‘Nuff said.
    Buy your personalized indulgences in the form of personalized carbon credits from me today. They absolve you of your sins. Available at your neighborhood lemonade stand. 10% off for Yamsters!

  5. I wish Dennis Kuccinich all the best and good luck, and I wish the opposite to Ali Gore (or Goering, or whatever his name is), and I don’t know the others.

  6. Carbon credits absolve you of your sins.
    poverty is to be looked upon as a goal in this new religion.
    Poverty for all makes us one congregation. (except for the deacons pastors bishops and popes of the new religion. For them it is necessary to have power, sex, and wealth because they work hard controlling the rest of us).

  7. Sounds like bad science fiction to me, shades of Theodore Sturgeon’s Cosmic Rape, but not as cute and uplifting. This sounds more like shades of Fu Manchu, for those of us who recall that villain. But I suppose, if one could eliminate them from government and position, one might hope it would prove to be just another bunch of wild-eyed crazies. And I got to say that they mostly look like overdosed hippies to me, and I saw my share of those back in the day.


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