Has a subliminal message ever made you want to start eating sausage casings?

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I can confidently say, “No.” 🙂

susieq ♥'s all 7 words

crap…thats what that was


Yes. That must have been the reason that one time. I’m very suggestible.


Is that the message you were getting from me?? Less drinking when I send my thoughts I suppose,it wasn’t sausage casings I was expecting you to eat!…xxx

Mdme. Mango keeps it real!

That’s why I quit listening to High School Musical.
You should, too.


Sublime got their name from a Suicidal Tendencies Song.

Pat R

Fresh from the package or deep fried?

Cam S

You guys REALLY don’t want anymore kids, huh?


I don’t wait for subliminal messages.
I like eating the crunchy foreskin on my sausages. Mmmm….good eats!

godless harlot

If you mean when he rubs his nuts on the back of your neck while your lying in front of the TV, then I think we have very different ideas of what constitutes “subliminal”.


No. Im usually the one putting th subliminal messages into your head while you sleep.

Futility Knife

Damn. I just had bratwurst for dinner. Maybe I’m gay?


Not the casings just the sausage:( And peanut butter:)

♥þűηЌ ЯÖκκзŗ♀

<----trying to ignore the blatant foreskin connotation. The Geico Cavemen makes me want to smear butter on myself and go shopping at Holt Renfrew.


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