Medical ethicist Harvey Fineberg shows us three paths forward for the ever-evolving human species to stop evolving completely, to evolve naturally — or to control the next steps of human evolution, using genetic modification, to make ourselves smarter, faster, better. Neo-evolution is within our grasp. What will we do with it?


  • … if it remains restricted to people actively choosing these genetic replacements. However, we are uncertain if you change say, 40 different genes to get all of the great results he mentioned, in combination they might produce horrible diseases.

  • gimme more o professor, just raise hands.. no need to do any effort of understanding your natural connection with the universe.. just play the drone and upgrade.

  • Wrong. Before the big bang, there was no time. Therefore no need for a cause/effect. This universe might be the one effect that has no cause.

  • You just answer a difficuly question with a way more difficult question.
    Where did god come from?
    Did he allways exist? If so, then we can say the same about the cosmos.
    Is the cause of god existence/creation an unanswerable question? Then ill just say the universe’s existance is an unaswerable question.
    You see? applying god is just not the way to go.

  • actually no. look up vacuum theory, and proper understanding of the word theory would be good too.

  • that artificial selection is a minor force due to transportation… the isolation of a human population over vast times just doesnt happen anymore.

  • the way i see it is that science is going to step in the way of that devolution. kind of a genetic cockblock for terrible genes.

  • a giant superorganism? you don’t agree with natural evolution? are you an example of devolution?

  • so, how much can we change our genes till… how do I put this nicely… our child no longer has our eyes?
    How much change we change before we are no longer ourselves? or does it not matter?
    Has society reached a point where its not about our genes and its just about improving the race as a whole?

  • Isn’t this what Hitler wanted? It’s called Eugenics, and it is being presented by a Jew…oh, the irony! Sounds to me like an utter denial of what we are actually capable of achieving without science and western medicine.

  • Yes, a giant superorgainsm, which has parts, that are working integrated and differentiated. Just have a look at nature itself. It is the true form of evolution. It is similar to the way, that plant cells evolved from the separate mitokondrium and the cloroplastis or however you call them in english.

  • It is called endosymbionism, or something like that, sorry my scientific english is very bad. I usually just watch star wars and other stuff.

  • And there is also an idea which says, that in the evolution of animals and of cvourse also plants for a period of time it has been much more effective to have other animals and plants. The most simple if you think about bees. Lots of plants ar unable to have seeds without them.

  • No, Hitler wanted forced breeding based on his personal preference for certain phenotypes and, of course, ethnic cleansing based on other of his personal preferences. If you think this is the same thing you’re rather missing the point.

  • not gonna lie, thinking about this actually really scares me. i might just be paranoid (and sometimes i am) but i think back to shows ive watched where there were “naturals” and the genetically modified kids and it’s just… i dunno, it doesnt seem right. i enjoy science, but sometimes i have to wonder how far is too far and is it really good for our race to start changing our basic building blocks and rock our foundations in an effort to create a “better” us?

  • The only time science goes too far is when we take a great idea and use it in a terrible way. Like, I don’t know, discovering one of the most amazing ways to create a large amount of cheap energy and then, instead of using it to give amazingly cheap energy for all, we use it to blow up a couple cities…

  • so you think it’s perfectly fine to genetically mutate your children whether that makes them super human or monsters?
    up to a certain point, i get it. if you have some sort of genetic disease obviously you dont wanna pass that on but… being able to custom build your child? what if they dont turn out the way you ordered it? you cant send them back to the kitchen like you can a meal. i think it’s just going way over the limit.

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