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Harness and Develop Your Intuition

What is Intuition?
Intuition is a sudden flash, an internal knowing, a glimpse or vision of truth, a sensation that runs through your body telling you that something is or isn’t right even though your rationale may suggest otherwise. It’s your gut instinct or that time you walked into a room and thought ?you could cut the atmosphere with a knife? and yet have no factual information to make you think that. When used correctly it is your most accurate inner radar system, continually scanning your inner and outer environments, sending back messages. Your intuition informs you of what is taking place and enables you to instantly make sense of the huge amount of information that continually flows within and around you.
“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” Albert Einstein
Intuition is a way of accessing the inherent power of your brain. Your consciousness only uses a tiny proportion of your brainpower and your intuition accesses the residual power and communicates to your consciousness the bank of wisdom and knowledge it has available. This is done subtly through thoughts, feelings, sensations, images, sounds or any combination of them. We are all endowed with this insight and inner guidance system and often we just need to learn the techniques to connect to and trust it so it becomes a skill. Just as animals have a natural survival instinct so humans are born with the natural ability to be intuitive; your human instinct. Without realising it, you are taking in information around you at this very moment. Your intuition takes it in for storing until a time when it is required and needs to be accessed. At that point you will ?just know? the way forward although if asked you may be unable to express how ?you know.?
So we are all intuitive, yet not everyone realises this or is open to the intuitive messages that their body gives to them. Have you ever had a situation when you had a gut feeling or instinct of some kind about the right decision or course of action? Instead of listening to that message you rationalised and took a different option only to find that events panned out such that had you taken your first instinct you would have achieved the desired outcome. You may even have ended up going back to your original idea. That was your intuition guiding you in the direction that is right for you, at that time.
What are the benefits of using intuition?
Accessing your intuition will help you in making the right decisions for you. It can be used in highly practical ways to produce sensible and reliable information and to enhance your decision making in both your professional and your personal life. It also gives you quick access to options that rest outside of the confines of rational thought. Examples of intuition being used are scattered everywhere in many different situations by many different people; doctors to diagnose, investors to forecast share prices, lawyers to develop courtroom strategies, parent?s with their children and successful leaders in how they choose to relate to people. In fact whenever someone talks about using their gut instincts, taking a leap of faith or similar it is their intuition that has sprung into action.
Those practiced users of intuition walk through life with the knowledge and ability to instantly tap into a limitless source of guidance and wisdom. They have the answers to the most perplexing questions and receive clarity about any issue or situation they may be grappling with. A life you could have too if you worked on using and learning about your intuition.
How do I develop my Intuition?
Everyone has this powerful ‘inner software’ that is able to scan, assess, make sense of and obtain the ‘bottom line’ of any situation, issue or condition we may be facing! Most of us are walking around with this valuable ?software? intact and no clue how to use it! Discovering that innate ability can be similar to rediscovering lost information, clarifying unknowns or predicting outcomes. Each person?s intuition works personally and is unique to them in how it manifests. In most cases people are using intuition already and just need to bring it to conscious awareness to begin moving their level of technique forwards.
You develop your intuition through practice. It may help to first acknowledge the times you already use it. For example how did you know a present was just right for someone or that you had left the house and ?forgotten? something? Through exercises you can advance at the pace that suits you.
Getting practical ? Exercises in developing your intuition
This is a great exercise to help you to activate and connect with your own intuition. Start by choosing 5 people in your life ? from the past or present:

  • Someone you adore
  • Someone you find really good fun
  • Someone who you find uninteresting
  • Someone who has upset you
  • Someone who has brought happiness or something good to your life

Take each person individually and spend a few minutes picturing them in your mind, imagine talking to them and think about your experiences together. Pay particular attention to:

  • How you are replaying these memories and how they make you feel
  • Notice where the sensations are in your body and really tap into the feelings this person creates when they are near you
  • Are there any emotions present? You should try to categorize them as best you can. For example, rather than just feeling ?good?, ask yourself is this feeling joy, love, happiness, excitement? This will help you better recognise the feeling in the future
  • Are there any physical reactions associated: are you automatically smiling? What is your physiology like? Any areas of your body tingling or feeling more relaxed or tense? Do you feel heavy or light?

Capture anything that comes to mind as you work on increasing the awareness of how your body feels when you think of each person, this is the first stage of connecting with your intuition. The next step is to practice it. The next time you are in a room full of people just scan the room and allow your impressions to guide you and consider:

  • Who are you drawn to?
  • What do you feel?
  • Who do you feel wary of?

Simply take the impressions and trust them. Use your intuition to pickup peoples vibrations compared to your own, their inner being and what you need to know about them to help you decide how to interact with them.
Once you have switched on your intuitive antennae you can keep a track of the signals they give you and build a strong sense of what they mean for you. What you are actually picking up are the subtle vibrations and energies that everything emits. After a while, using your antennae will become second nature, a process out of consciousness again and you will easily make use of the latent power within your own mind as you develop in all areas of life.


  1. Why is it that when I first meet some people I feel threatened, and then they end up becoming my friends?
    Is it because I am strongly drawn to them? And feel a powerful connection?
    And why is it that others who feel safe and good, end up hurting me? How can I fix this?

  2. Freya I would guess that in the past a Friend must have threatened you, or made you feel subconciously threatened without you realising it.
    When you know that those people who feel safe and good end up hurting you your brain or intuition is telling you with reverse physcology, stay away, this person will hurt you. Perhaps also these people are shallow? Only showing friendliness on the surface, but underneath they are manipulators, users and back sstabbers.
    I have a POWERFUL sense of intuition, and I have trusted it, and used it for my whole life.
    I intuitively feel from you that you have been hurt, and threatened by a family member, and without realising it you react to all in much the same way as the original hurter.
    Try a new approach to thinking that the people who you think or feel are nice and safe, like vipers or poisonus snakes is there real face. And likewise for the people who you feel are threatening, examine why, think how do I feel threatened? Then go with what your gut instinct tells you. I have faith in you, you can figure this out, and after a time it will be automatic for you, GOODLUCK!


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