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happiest and scariest dream evr?

i was in the ocean when this magical talking seagull appear before me. It told me and my cousin about this wonderful ring that the seagull held. The ring gave us(my cousin and I) a gift to fly. The seagull showed us that when the ring is pointed in the ocean(like a magic wand) the ocean turns crystal clear. It was beautiful.
One day i did it on my own. I started pointing the ring while flying across the ocean. The ring did its magic. Then with a sudden the ring dropped. Into the ocean it went. I splash in the water suddenly, now that my powers is gone. The ring was in the same spot were I splashed in to. I never wanted to be stranded into the ocean were most sharks are… but I really needed the ring so, i sunk a little deeper to see if there was sharks swimming under me. There was. I could see the ring slowly fading away into the darkness of the ocean. And the shark lurking underneath…ready to grab hold of me if i ever come into……
I did not do it of course… I never liked sharks..i appeared in the shore after that happened and my cousin was already waiting for me. She told me why I did not grab the ring. And I told her I never liked sharks
…i did not really understand that dream but I don’t know if my interpretation is correct…i think it meant that whatever I was trying to reach for…can never be reached unless I push myself into reaching it….(o my gosh …this is already happening to me)….what do you guys think this dream meant????


  1. Someone is trying to get you to do evil things such as witchcraft of some sort and if you follow through with it you would be going into the dark side which is of Satan. You recognized the danger before hand(sharks) and turned away.
    Never trust in magic stuff but put your trust in God He will lead you in the right direction.

  2. You are being offered something that you feel is a fantasy ( or a dream come true that you never expected to maybe) but for some reason you are afraid to grab hold of it. I feel you are right. You have to overcome that fear if you want it to become.

  3. Well, you were having a dream about wanting to push yourself more and take more risks, and there is always the accompanying fear that by pushing yourself, you could push too far too fast and fail. But it was interesting how this was immediately translated into an attempt to regain control, but the risks of that being frightening!
    I guess the fear was kind of mixed – it was not so much about the effort to excel; being wasted or failed, just that if you do achieve more, the work required to stay up there gets harder – and the harder work is what seemed to be scary. Very interesting dream, though!


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