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Hapkido vs. Tai Chi? Which form of Martial arts should I take?

I am going to take up martial arts. The school I will be attending has both hapkio and tai chi. I want to know which is the better form of martial arts to learn? There are several things I am trying to accomplish in no particular order. 1.) Get in top shape 2.) Self defense (more street style self defense, bar fights, muggers etc.) 3.) stress relief


  1. Between these 2 styles your best bet is Hapkido as it will be more practical in an actual fight & will be more of a workout in terms of energy expenditure & caloric-burn. It is not easy but nothing worthwhile ever is. Have fun with it.

  2. Seeing as you’re only choosing between those two styles, I would say go for Hapkido. Hapkido will satisfy the three things you want to accomplish.
    I could suggest a host of other martial arts but you already have your choices right?
    Some people will point out the difference between the two styles. They might also mention the hard vs soft thing. I won’t tell you those things. You’ll learn that as you go along. That’s part of the journey you take as a martial arts student.
    But a word of caution. Hapkido is not the best system for real life self defense. Others will suggest specific arts. Sure some arts are better than others, depending on the reason why you’re studying them for. Learning about other arts is another part of your journey.
    I won’t discount any other martial art though. So go ahead. Hapkido can surely develop some good defense instincts in you. It’s not the art. Ultimately it’s what you do with the arts. Remember that.

  3. Temple Tai Chi or REAL Yang Tai Chi. Be prepared to work a long time before your efforts can be used street wise.
    Try Wing Chun, Judo, JJ, Boxing or Greco Roman for more immediate results.

  4. tai chi is a great art and can be very devastating in self defense,
    the problem is not many teach it as that and dont know how. it also takes a lot longer to learn self defense from tai chi vers hapkido.
    if you are not in any rush and have found a good teacher for tai chi i would take that one first. a good hapkido instructors are is a lot easier to find, and you can always take it later.

  5. for your 1 and 2 i would recommend Hapkido. as it produce fast results compare to tai chi. however if you really need stress relieve try tai chi. it really gets your load off your mind. it requires concentration and you do sweat lots and lots when you doing tai chi. Why don’t try both? Take Hapkido in that school and maybe find a private instructor to teach you when you are free for taichi. you can always practice tai chi when you are free once you know how to do it. yup and as mentioned above good tai chi instructors are rare so take your time to find them. good luck then.

  6. You should do yoshinkan aikido. If there is no yoshinkan aikido school near you, you can just find a normal aikido school. If you aren’t near one of those either you should just take the hapkido one.


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