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Hands-On Healing – as Effective as Reiki or Qigong?

Does the simple act of “laying on of hands” deliver the same benefits as do either Reiki or Qigong? Perhaps the real question is along the lines of whether or not the simply act tself is powerful enough to bring about true healing, or must it be applied methodically in order to be “routed” properly to the correct organs, systems, and so forth?
Maybe it takes years of training and focus to heal someone effectively in this manner?
Only serious answers, please. This information is for research, and will be given to a European novelist who plans to include such details in a story. Thank you.


  1. They are all the same thing, just expressed in different modalities in the field of alternative medicine, and utilized accordingly.

  2. If there is a “real” problem. Laying of hands will do nothing.. Whoever is receiving that as treatment for a “real” condition will probably die or have other serious problems associated with not properly treating the original condition..

  3. Reiki is different from Qigong but both are effective energy work to heal the body. “laying on of hands” as I’m interpreting this is massage therapy, which I specialize in. Now if the therapist is channeled all these modalities work well and can even be used together. I suppose the real question is what are you looking to heal in this character? If you’re talking about organs you might want to look into reflexology which uses the hands and/or feet to mirror the body and can affect the organ health. Reiki is also good for that too as they are both energy work.
    Another form of energy work I’ve used is called Pranic healing (energy healing) You never touch the body but you feel the energy field from them and “wipe” off the old stagnate energy into a bowl of sea salt water and then build up weak energy.
    Does it take years to learn? No but some have a natural gift to heal so it’s instinctive to do this work and once with these tools makes it easier to heal others. If the person doesn’t have a natural gift it doesn’t matter how many years they try to do this, it will never be as good as the natural person’s gift.
    I have healed many people through channeling my gifts and automatically knowing what the person was feeling by feeling it in my own body. However I didn’t protect myself enough while doing this work so now I have to work on getting rid of the junk I’ve collected over the years, that is now in my own body.
    I hope this helps the novel.

  4. Hi,
    I have been using Reiki on myself for almost 20 years and have been teaching it for the past 7 years. I actually healed myself from depression after being attuned to level 2.
    I read the energy of the Chakras with a pendulum before and after doing a treatment as a means to test it’s effectiveness. Reiki is the simplest way I know to balance the energy body, quiet the mind and calm the emotions.
    I have observed other modalities being used including the ones you mentioned without the same results. The Chakras were not balanced as a result of the treatment. People might feel more relaxed but it doesn’t seem to have the impact that Reiki does.
    In the past 5+ years the only people who were balanced when I tested them were:
    1. Pregnant women – always balanced
    2. People who practice Reiki on themselves regularly
    3. People who use Mood Mists with Reiki energy
    4. A man who does live blood cell analysis who meditates and prays daily.
    I thought yoga would also provide balance but have not necessarily found this to be the case. It depends on each person’s lifestyle and methods to maintain balance. Reiki works in 15 – 20 minutes – sometimes less – and it is so simple. You don’t even have to perform a complete body treatment.
    I have some articles on my findings if you are interested. I hope this helped.
    Inner Beauty

  5. This is the question..does the laying on hands have a placebo effect? many studies have shown that whether it is a sham healing or pill..if the person THINKS it really will help than it certainly can…but is it healing or are you kind of healing yourself?

  6. yes u heal yourself but u also feel the energy.. plus when u lie down to recieve reiki energy and u think well lets what will happen,i dont care .. its definatly not placebo effect.. cause if u think like this before the session and after session u feel like completly different person…. that means reiki is rEally works and its more than just a placebo effect!


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