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Halo's or auras?

In many catholic pictures such as this one…
The saints appear with orbs of light around their heads. They are not angels, correct? So are we seeing the first depictions of a persons aura or chakra, energy emenating from the crown or spiritual chakra? How do you interpret these kinds of pictures?


  1. I think this is just someone clowning around, as a persons aura looks nothing like they’ve got gongs behind their heads.
    And chakras are completely different things entirely.

  2. Its suppose to be a halo, but I very much like the explanation given in Celestine Prophecy, which discusses tapping into life force, so I would lean more towards auras/engery/life force.

  3. I personally interpret those pictures as the saints having auras…since a golden aura depicts spirituality…

  4. They are probably related to the sun god.
    They appear in paintings of Tammuz and Semiramis – sun god again? In depictions of saints, I suppose they represent God’s special favor.


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