Halo's or auras?

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In many catholic pictures such as this one…
The saints appear with orbs of light around their heads. They are not angels, correct? So are we seeing the first depictions of a persons aura or chakra, energy emenating from the crown or spiritual chakra? How do you interpret these kinds of pictures?

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Answer Angel

The mind sees what it wants to… people will perceive this in dif ways im sure…


It is the Aura or Chakra, inner light of spiritual being emitting from the body.

I.J. Riley


Spirit Princess

I don’t. I just look and move on.


I beleive it’s meant to represent divine light.


I think this is just someone clowning around, as a persons aura looks nothing like they’ve got gongs behind their heads.
And chakras are completely different things entirely.

Prometheus Cowboy

Its suppose to be a halo, but I very much like the explanation given in Celestine Prophecy, which discusses tapping into life force, so I would lean more towards auras/engery/life force.

The HypnoPope

It’s the artist trying to make a point.


I personally interpret those pictures as the saints having auras…since a golden aura depicts spirituality…


They are probably related to the sun god.
They appear in paintings of Tammuz and Semiramis – sun god again? In depictions of saints, I suppose they represent God’s special favor.


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