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Halloween costume ideas? I thought of a voodoo doll but ive nota clue what to do costume wise…?

I just need ideas of either How to make a vodoo doll outfit (not a suit though) or any other ideas…any help would be appreciated. Thanks
I’m 17 btw and the idea i had as a vodoo doll is…
1. red tutu
2. black top with hand made big pins
3. Pins in a headband
4. stripey sock
5. then the rest is make up (like a snake going down one leg and blood, eyes drawn on eye lids etc)


  1. ah, cover yourself in a burlap suit with yarn hair and craft some foam “pins” to stick out all over the suit.

  2. Use a cute short flesh-colored dress, and cut holes. place narrow dowels painted silver with styrofoam balls on the top (get dowels and styrofoam at michaels, hobby lobby, etc) and attach a label to each, but get creative (and personal) so that people who know you will get it.
    Paint yourself up to be “doll you”–heavy blush, bright lipstick and eyeshadow.
    Good luck and best wishes!

  3. voodoo doll is a good idea
    you should wear some brown or dark coloured red clothes
    also they should look torn and old
    mess your hair up
    and just really dramatic with it all

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