Haitians:If I made a voodoo doll of Tony Blair and forcefully fisted its ar5e,what would happen?

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You should keep your masturbatory fantasies to yourself.


you and your doll would have a serect!


No idea, try it and lets see if he’s scratching his @rse in public !


you would just have to repeatedly explain yourself for sticking you hand up a dolls bum. perv.


you would be joined to the arse..forever!..and become his brain child


tony’d be at some meeting and then he’d be like “ooh ah, ooh do it harder baby, uh huh” i front of like 1 million people. umm tony blair the umm what dyou call it? right. president but not. PRIMINISTER!! thats right. i remebered it 🙂


If you waited till he was making a public address before you commence with the fisting it would make for rather amusing TV. Think you should test your theory ASAP. Its for the good of the nation. Afterall, that T**T’s fisted us enough over the years with tax rises.


If it works, you will have a stinking fist for sure.


He would probably find a way to tax you for it.


Isnt someones hand already up there?


You would have turned into George W Bush.


I know some haitians and they wouldn’t want to dirty their hands because all you are going to get is what comes out of his mouth? ha ha I wish we could all take two aspirins and they all go away in the morning?


I’m not a Haitian so perhaps I shouldn’t be answering this on someone elses behalf but I will anyway. Whilst the fist is in place and the further up the better, the fister could image that the object of his lust was a ventroloquists dummy***** let your mind wander all things are then possible, yeah man.

ñam ñam

Please do so

mad keith

well we hope you do this as for tony well he will have ONE SORE BUT ehehehehehehhe

JW Dread

I should think Tony would invite himself round for dinner, without his wife .
JW Dread


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