Had anyone ever seen an unwanted spirit while practicing astral projection?

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I am super sensitive to spirits,and I get scared that I might see one and its holding me back from trying an Out of Body Experience. I have done astral projection 2 times before, but got jurked back in my body when I saw myself in bed.
Anyone that has advice please let me know

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When you mess with the demonic realm you can expect demonic experiences. That is why it is forbidden by God. Proceed at your own risk and accept the consequences.

Dawn C

It is fairly common to jerk back into your body if you turn to look at it as you are “leaving”. I think sometimes it’s better to not look back at all, but really focus on where you want to go or what you want to do. It sounds like you still hold on to fears about the process of letting go.
I don’t believe there are spirits out to get us, in fact some people have had experiences of connecting with friends or family through astral travel. People have been known to wake up from a “dream” only to find they literally shared it with others. Your experience is greatly dependent on your mindset,though. If you are afraid, that feeling can magnified as you leave your body. If you begin projecting while feeling comfortable and protected, you are far more likely to have a positive experience.
You may enjoy reading “Soul Traveler” by Albert Taylor. It is probably the most user-friendly book I’ve come across on astral projection. He addresses common fears and practical techniques to overcoming difficulties.

Magnolia Zaine

I have some experiences and it almost always have nothing to do with purposly messing with the demonic. The entities are not always demonic sometimes they are your guardians. It’s that fear that they feed off on. I know. You might want to get meditation books, amulet close to you. There are different methods for different people. Just try. I am & will always be connect to the spirits. I do some of the following before going to bed: eyes closed,deep breathes, image white and/or rainbow light covering from head to toes, my favorite /safe place, and saying: Good Night, Everyone. whisper or normal voice before going under. It has helped me alot.


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