Had a reading. I have green aura and a blue aura.?

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Right, so what does the blue mean?

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Not a bloody thing.


anything you want it to.â—‹â—‹â—‹
○♦○ ‘readings are for entertainment purposes only’ or didn’t the ‘psychic’ tell you that… blue green just means you are mostly water and have a dreamy thoughtful personality.””
now can I return to being a retired medium(.?.)
actually most people seem to have the blue green aura you describe.
There are even cameras that can show this. It does not really mean all that much though.


“Blue- Quiet, highly spiritual, religious, natural teacher, healer and calm. Any shade of blue in the aura is good to have. Deep blue in an aura shows one who has found his/her work and or destiny in life. Blue may also represent a tendency to be moody and depressed.”


I believe blue means you’re a sucker, while green means you’re amusingly naive.


It means that the reader wanted to list two positive-sounding colors, because if she told you that your aura was really red and black, you might not tip her afterwards, or feel like paying her exorbitant prices at all. Or you might murderl her for uncovering the fact that you’re really a serial killer.
Also, if she decided to tell you what color your aura was, but not what it meant, she was a piss-poor showman, and that’s what this crap is usually all about.

kymm r

Depending on what areas there were blue, generally a spiritual person with a happy disposition.


Blues are the personality most concerned with helping others, careful in finances, holistic thinkers, highly emotional. Blues are good listeners, naturally spiritual, intuitive, make well thought out decisions to which they are committed. Blues spend long hours planning activities and events to express their love, holidays are meaningful, and being unappreciated will erode a Blues capacity to serve. Blues make excellent ministers, accountants, personnel directors, service oriented businesses, entrepreneurs in partnerships.


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