Guess where my new job will be! (UK)?

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Hello Yahooers.
I’ve just been told that I have passed the selection process for a company I applied for and will be soon offered a job within the Thames Valley region.
Go on – try out your ‘third eye’ and have a guess where you think – THANKS YAHOOERS!
Ok guys – guess have to be in the Thames Valley region in UK.
Oh and I havent been told where this job is yet so thats why I am getting you all to guess! 😉

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Star T

India? Pretty popular place those days.


Microsoft? Is it Thames Valley Park?


Who cares!

renato p

no……………….south of Rio de Janeiro in Brasil.

Dogs Rock!

Oxford, Reading, Henley, Uxbridge – am I close?

Little Miss Chatterbox



Houses of Parliament?
Oh go on tell us!


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