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Guardian Angels, telepathy and hallucinations…all the same?

What is the difference between communicating with an angel, communicating with the Light via telepathy, and hearing voices?


  1. angels is one thing that you can not see, telepathy is something that you have as a gift to talk to the dead and hallucinations are things that your mind makes up or things you think that you see that are not there.

  2. it depends on who you tell when this happens, a bumb on the street is hearing things and a priest that thinks he can heal is justs a fricking Idiot. =P
    if they have wings your ether talking to angles, Seeing things, or at a costume party and need to lay off the punch

  3. That depends on what type of voices you are hearing here. If you are shizophrenic, then no. Any type of voices telling you to harm yourself and others are not from the divine.

  4. Guardian angels are seraphs that God has put around people that are saved or going to be saved. There is a big reason he protects them.
    Communicating blue lights, voices etc these are angelic beings called familiars. These are beings that imitate us down to every detail. When we die, we are gone. However the familiars will represent us like echos. If a medium calls up a dead person, these familiars will answer the call. If a person has a near death experience, they are not dead yet and familiars will appear as a tunnel, light, Jesus, relatives, heaven, whatever the person expects to see. They will sometimes appear as dead relatives in dreams.
    Telepathy is sometimes information brought by familiars, sometimes not. Sometimes your mind “tunes” into the “world radio” and your personality will try to interpret the message.
    There are so many, many variables it would take me volumes and hours to explain it.
    There was a book wrote by a Baptist preacher one time where he was being visited by a blue light followed by angels. It was a very popular book many years ago. Only problem is most people did not know, the angelic beings were Lucifer’s. The reason is the preacher bowed down before them and praised God. No angelic being of God will accept worship in front of them. It is a rule they will obey. This is a good test if visited if they are of God or not.

  5. angel is a seraphs from GOD itself to protect of those in need of help..telepath is a gift that can reads ppl minds..hearing voices is where u need to becareful of..seriously..i been through so i know..

  6. God loves everyone, even the most evil people, so He gives each one an Angel to protect and guide from conception to death. The angel inspires good thoughts and deeds protects from harm and mitigates where possible the wrong that we do, they pray for us to God always and rejoice when we do good and love our neighbor without selfishness, most of all they rejoice when we adore God humbly during the Holy Mass. When we die they lead us to Gods Judgment and speak in our favor, if we have to delay our entry into Heaven, they accompany us in the waiting period. So we should thank God for them and love them since they love God and want us to love God. They are each persons closest friend after God and Our Mother.

  7. Communicating with an angel is communicating with an acutal spirit being.
    Not sure waht exactly you mean by communicating with the Light via telpathy. Sometimes you can talk directly to your soul. Sometimes you can communicate with your spirit guides via telepathy and i suspect this is what you are refering to.
    People hear voices when they have schizophrenia, which I believe may be actually hearing what is going on in the spirit world possibly.
    Or you can have psychic voices in your head which can be dead ancestors talking to you.

  8. I had many experiences through my life , but I believe my angel would manifest to human apperance. As a small child she told me I had many around me.God hears and see’s all. He will help the hurting.


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