Grounding energies and healing with barefoot walking





The earth is vital to the existence of human beings. It provides us with the air that we breathe and the food that we need in order for our bodies to function. It is one thing to know that our basic needs are provided for by the earth that we live in, but it is another to realize that the earth can also affect us on a spiritual level.

Getting in touch with what lies beneath our feet

Have you ever tried walking barefoot along the beach or on your grassy lawn? It felt relaxing, didn’t it, Barefoot walking or earthing allows the earth to treat our tired bodies. When we set our barefoot on the ground, the earth scans our feet and gives energy that flows to the organs of our body that need it. Walking barefoot on uneven ground also stimulates our body’s healing reflexes.

The earth is also a natural antioxidant. It gives off negatively charged ions that neutralize free radicals in our body which, according to studies, are one of the main causes of cancer. Earthing has many other beneficial effects on the human body which includes:

– Improved blood circulation
– Better sleep
– Anxiety reduction
– Improved energy and metabolism
– Inflammation reduction
– Balanced hormone levels
– Healthy nervous system
– Improved immunity

How to do earthing

It is recommended to do 5-20 minutes of earthing each day to enjoy the transformation it can create in your body. However, the longer that you can walk barefoot, the better. When the weather or time constraints prevent you from being able to walk barefoot, you can use Reiki to do earthing indoors. Here’s a simple form of meditation that will enable you to connect with the earth’s nourishing energy:
– Breathe deeply and relax your whole body.
– Imagine yourself sitting directly on the ground outside.
– Concentrate on the earth. Feel your loving connection with it and its heart chakra.
– Visualize your life force energy and let it flow to the ground.
– Continue to establish a strong connection with the earth. Remind yourself of its beauty and how it has enveloped you with its nourishing support.
– Next, visualize the earth’s energy flowing up your feet. Intend for the earth’s energy to travel and nourish the different chakras of your body.
– Keep feeling the Reiki connection between you and the earth knowing that the earth’s divine energy will build you up spiritually and heal you if you are emotionally or spiritually wounded.
– Whenever you are ready, make sure to express your gratitude to the earth. You do not have to say it loud. You can express it through the life force energy that you send to the earth. Slowly come to your awareness and end your meditation.

The earth’s nourishing power

The earth knows each one of us. It knows exactly what we need energetically and this feature is similar to the Reiki technique. The next time you feel drained, anxious, or stressed out, remember that you are living on an earth that nourishes not only your physical body but also your spirit. Just take off your shoes and let the earth work its wonders.

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Grounding energies and healing with barefoot walking

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