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does anyown know of a book of spells that actually work even one of thiose really old grimories you know like th ekey of solomon or that sort of thing???
tanto tat b”it<

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i don’t know of any spells that have worked for me
i know of people who have said that they have used spells and i have just let it alone
using spells is something way above my head….

Tanto Djibouti

There are many books that claim to be ancient collections of lore, secret knowledge, etc. They’re all frauds, and people like you buy them.

Cheryl E

Spells only work if you know what you are doing. You can’t just get a book and do a spell and be a millionaire tomorrow. Life ain’t like that.

5% Body Fat Patrick (Carpathian)

I know the Disney Channel and the “Gargoyles” spent a lot of air time talking about the grimoires. Other than that, I don’t know.


magic doesn’t work like ti does in Disney films. You can’t just open a book and read a spell and get it to work. You have to understand how the pieces of the spell work together. You picking up a medieval grimoire would be like me picking up a book on jet fighter mechanics and expecting to be able to correctly tear down and rebuild an engine from the instructions in the book. I pesonally don’t have the knowledge to make a book like that useful.

allen t

Ex 22:18
Lev 19:31
Lev 20:6



Robin Runesinger

The Esoteric Archives website (link below) is one of the better sources for these types of references, like the Key of Solomon. The only problem is, you really have to study them carefully to even begin to understand how to work the spells. Some of them are in French and Latin, which requires even more study. I don’t fool with them myself. I stick to the runes.


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