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Grim Reaper, a Succubus or a Hangman’s Noose – Which tattoo is best to celebrate a 10-year anniversary?

I’m asking for a friend with graying chest hairs and a dead look in his eyes.


  1. LOL – OK this gets the funniest question of the day award. Ummm… I’d have to say the Succubus to represent his partner. Maybe a ball and chain would be good?

  2. The best would be a hangman’s noose! And I think there should also be a game of hangman tattooed along with it…. so that maybe they could renew their marriage while playing hangman and having fun!
    Wait….they should forget all that and go swimming with the dolphins, instead 🙂

  3. Thank you for this excellent opportunity to promote my secular polygamy agenda….I know, one is too many……but with polygamy the entire dynamic changes, let me expound just a few of the positive aspects of secular polygamy ……
    …..a loving ,supporting, communal, family experience for the women.
    …..multiple partners for the men(dramatically reducing infidelity).
    ……ideally the man works, along with every other wife, while the other wives do housework duties and raise children….and that order may change whenever necessary.
    ……women who may have trouble finding a husband in today’s accepted system, could more easily marry into a polygamists family, and be appreciated for her genuine attributes , rather than for something she is not in today’s monogamous system.
    -in short one man one woman marriage is a prison designed to enslave,and profit some one else…..lets do away with this horrible institution.

  4. I was thinking more of a weeping pickle, crying into a pool of tears.
    But the ball and chain with the hangman’s noose, all wrapped around a shriveled peenis, would also look lovely.

  5. Grim reaper. If your pal gets to the next big one, then he should get one of a penis penetrating a pear – Effin’ despair!

  6. Any one of those 3 traditional symbols of wedded bliss would be a lovely gesture for your friend to sport on his grizzled old chest, Tim.
    However, why not suggest something entirely new and imaginative?
    A picture of a jaggedy-toothed mantrap – complete with blood streaked leg clamped firmly therein – makes the kind of ‘statement of commitment’ mere words could never express.
    3 cheers for the wonderful institute of marriage!
    I’m welling up here.


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