GREEN, in accordance to chakras/auras? What kind of energy is green, really?





I am pretty confused on the color green. A year or so ago, I was very surprised after reading about people with green auras being power-hungry, greedy, and materialistic. In fact, it seems like I’ve found more negative attributes of green in general than positive. This is strange to me because, although green is not one of my main aura colors, it usually gives me a very positive feeling, and I think of nature, not money, in relation to it. I guess it could make sense for green to be associated with materialism as so much of our material earth is covered in green…but then why is green the color of the heart chakra? Green auras seem so negative…although it makes sense for this chakra to be green in relation to the color spectrum…. but I mean…its the HEART chakra. Why so many negative associations?


  1. i see auras and green gives me the feeling of nature and life. wtf? whatever told you that green meant that must be wrong. im very sensitive to energies and i get that power-hungry feeling from gray auras

  2. I also believe that green is the healing color. However, there are positive and negatives to colors in general. Red can mean strong feelings of hate, but it is also the color of love. I have seen the green aura in someone I knew to be in a healing state, but I have never seen it in someone with a penchant for money or in any way a negative concept.. But I wasn’t looking.
    Interesting theory. I will keep it in mind.

  3. I think when working with colors in the aura and chakras, the meaning of the color is what it means to you. Keep in mind, like everything in life, there are positives and negatives. Green does represent money and materialism, but it also represents abundance and growth which I believe is connected to the earthy, natural sort of energy the color green has. That may seem a little weird, but as you pointed out, there is an abundance of green on our earth, which is continually growing. I think if someone has a lot of green in their aura, it could signify that they are very grounded, down to earth and full of unconditional love. At the same time, it could signify they are very concerned with the material side of things, putting much energy and thought on money and power.

  4. That’s because there are different reasons people associate color with certain things. If you are thinking about the physical world, you’ll hear things like “Green with envy”, money is green and is said to be the root of all evil…when someone is about to be sick someone might say “they turned green”.
    But in the spiritual world, green is one of the colors of a healer. I have met a Reiki practitioner who radiated green and I could see it and I don’t even try to see auras.
    Green is the color for the heart chakra and the heart chakra is one of the most important chakras because it ties the lower chakras (the ones connected to the physical world) and the upper chakras (the ones connected to the spiritual).
    I totally disagree that someone with a green aura would be considered negative. In my opinion, that person is using a lot of heart energy and that is why their aura is reflecting that chakra color. It sounds to me that wherever you got this information, they are applying the wrong color meanings to the aura.
    The aura and chakras are spiritual. I think you have really good intuition and that your gut feelings about all of this are correct. Green is a good color, like you said, a color of nature, growth, life etc. 😉
    Here is a good site on aura colors:

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