Green auras in the atmosphere?

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Yeah so today I noticed a lot of green, I wonder if that has anything to do with the full moon and well today being the 17th, the apparent day there will be change.

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That’s clearly impossible too.


What? That really doesn’t make any sense. If you’re in the very northern or southern areas of the globe, you might be seeing the aurora, but it’s been pretty low for a few months, so that’s not too likely. What does the 17th have to do with anything?


It could be a combination of aurora and Moon light.

If it appears definitely green, then it could be aurora (even though the Sun is near a minimum level of activity). Our eyes are more sensible to green than to other colors so a faint aurora, if it shows any color, will be green.
If the hue is rather bluish, it could be the Moon. It would appear somewhat blue-green (because the eyes detect the green contribution more readily at low levels).
Because it is getting near Full Moon (very bright) AND the Sun is at a low level of activity, I would suspect the Moon is the main contributor.
However, don’t discount that aurora could also have a contribution.


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