Great ways to stop psychic attacks?

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what are they?

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Tommy G.

If they are you can’t

Paul S, Bullfighter

Don’t stop taking your meds.


1. Bow the head
2. Close the eyes
3. Place the palms of the hands firmly over the ears.
4. Sing “Lalalalalalalala!” in loud monotone until hoarse.

Beavis Christ AM

Tin foil hats work best.


Every time you see a bolt coming towards you, use your bible to block it


holy Bible

emil e

They can not be stopped, what you can do is either build up your defences, so that most of them bounce off, or become completely immune. Only enlightened ones are completely immune, so that won’t work. To build up your defences you can either take the crude way: lots of cigarettes, alcohol and constant music, or the more sophisticated way: massages, meditation, breathing exercises and literature. Like Whilhelm Reich, Arthur Janov, or Arthur Schopenhouer


With practice, you can generate a mind field that blocks such ethereal assaults. The best way to train your mind in this art is to read the Necronomicon forwards and backwards three times, without pause, and only consuming distilled water and unbleached flour for sustenance. When you begin to feel a burning sensation on top of your head, that is when you really need to concentrate! That is the mind field forming.

Ms. Taurus

Tinfoil hat.

I sharpen

What you call psychic attacks are simply demons that you allowed to oppress your life. You need to denounce all occult practices and submit to Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.
Then speak the name of Jesus Christ to rebuke any and all demons and evil attacks. demons tremble at the name of Jesus Christ spoken with AUTHORITY!!!
Jesus Christ is your ONLY ANSWER.


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