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Gravitational waves (slight alterations in the warping of spacetime) propegates at the speed of light. Why?

Ex: A star explodes into a supernova, the time it would take for the orbital trajectory of neighbouring planets it be disrupted is equal to that of which it would take the light from the suppernova to reach it. Now ofcourse this quantum effect isnt pure coincidence, it must have some sort of formula or evidence supporting this fact. Can anyone explain?


  1. Not such an easy question because it can not be answered in fact but in theory alone.
    As such there are various theories
    here are but some:
    a./ Gravitons are “particles” or waves like light.
    b./ String theory says gravity particles are that same as light waves.
    c./ All particles and forces are waves, and they can travel faster than the speed of light, but you cannot see any evidence above C as they become trans-dimensional.erhaps all we observe is but a ripple that we call gravity.
    d./ By making the assumption and looking for disparites.
    The second link explains the “theory” non factual nature .
    The wiki artical states some anomalies that are explained by dark matter which is a proven by the occurance of Einsteins Rings in space.
    Honestly I think the best answer is that all matter is energy and all energy has a coagulation level like a quanta but smaller, and a configuration. Call these strings.

  2. Classically, gravitational waves are predicted by the Einstein equation similarly to how electromagnetic waves are predicted by Maxwell’s equations. The wiki shows a derivation:
    Quantum mechanically, gravitational waves are coherent bunches of gravitons just as electromagnetic waves are coherent bunches of photons. Like the photon, the graviton is massless (or pretty darn close to it). We know this because the force of gravity has infinite range (only drops off like 1/r^2 and not faster) just as the electromagnetic force does.

  3. The mathematics of gravity waves is a difficult subject to grasp if one is not familiar with the notations used within General Relativity. Thus, what follows may seem perplexing but it is the simplest form I can find for you!
    The weak-field Einstein equation is: –
    …………. μν …….. μν
    (-∂² +∇²)h = -16π T
    Were ‘h’ is a tensor related to the Lorentz gauge so that: –
    …………… αβ … αβ
    -½.(-∂² +∇²)h = G
    …. ∂t²
    Where ‘G’ is the Einstein field tensor. The terms in the tensor ‘h’ are linearised! The tensor ‘T’ is the energy tensor creating the weak gravity or curved space.
    Now, if space is empty the energy tensor ‘T’=0 and we are left with the equation: –
    …………… αβ
    -½.(-∂² +∇²)h = 0
    …. ∂t²
    This is the three-dimensional wave equation.
    This equation has solutions of the form: –
    αβ . αβ …….. α
    h = A.exp(i.k.x)
    ……………. α
    Where the {k} are the constant components of a one form
    …………….. α
    ……. αβ
    And {A} are the constant components of a tensor.
    From, further treatment, this solution it may be shown that a gravity wave travels at the speed of light with a dispersion relation: –
    ω² =|k|
    and a wave phase and group velocity of a value of c
    I hope that this brief indication into the mathematics of gravity waves is of some use!
    P.S General Relativity and quantum mechanics do not combine mathematically!


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