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Got some incense sticks. What next?

Today i bought 40 incense sticks, their packs got some things about Chakras, the ones i got are:
blue-laryngeal’s chakra, and green-heart’s chakra
i lighted them up , tried to lay on the floor, relax, etc.. But ..
What should i else be doing ?
To meditate?
To clear my mind,
To have more pacience
And to control anger issues?
….. ?
Thanks 🙂


  1. Well, yeah. You can meditate if you want. Or you could just do whatever you normally do in the day, and enjoy the scent of the smoke as it burns

  2. Forget the incense sticks; use ‘resin incense’ (crystal) crush some and put on lighted quickfire Charcoal, it gives off a much better scent and is far more conducive in aiding meditation. Seat quietly in the Egyptian position (just look at the statues and you will see what I mean) it aligns all the chakra points, and breath in and out slowly but naturally, do not seek too regulate your breathing. Be aware of your surroundings, scents, noises et-cetera, but do not allow yourself to be distracted by them.
    If you can do this for ten too fifteen minutes a day and build the time up as you go along by increasing it by five minutes each week, you will be on the right track to clearing your mind and opening your instinctive faculties, after which, you will know what to do.


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