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Got caught scratching my balls and was tossed out of Olive Garden, can I sue?

So, I drove to Olive Garden and I went inside. I was waiting in line when I got a real itch and I needed a ball adjustment anyway so I jammed my hand in my pants and was giving them a good scratch when some old hag said I was digusting. Well excuuuuussse me, *****. I realize I was a mess — I was still wearing the clothes I had on the night before and I’m sure I smelled like the inside of a beer can but I never told her that she had a face that would scare buzzards off a gut truck … well, as a matter of fact I DID tell her that and she told the manager and he told me to leave or he would call the cops. I tried to do a burn-out in the parking lot but my dang ole truck just stalled out and then wouldn’t start so I had the exit blocked for about ten minutes and man was he p***ed-off!! Can I sue him for that?


  1. You can sue virtually anyone for anything, However in my opinion you should not only have been thrown out, but barred from ever setting foot inside that restaurant again.

  2. um besides sounding like a total jerk, you are gross…..your unkept behavior could cause the restaurant some kind of health code violation…i dont think any judge would see your side

  3. Eating establishments have a right to refuse service to anyone for any reason so long as it’s not something protected by law (race, nationality, gender, etc.), and touching yourself in public may actually be against the law in your area. So in short the Olive Garden was perfectly within the legal rights to do what they did AND if anything that old women could sue you for sexual harassment (you can call almost anything sexual harassment these days…). So you can sue, but you will lose, and you might get counter sued or have charges filed.

  4. A higher class of people go to Olive Garden. Some go to have a special dinner.
    What planet are you from that made you think they would let you in their little club dressed, smelling, and acting like that like that??
    It ain’t McDonalds on Martin Luther King Blvd ya know?

  5. you’re a mess so drop it. do you have the money to initiate a lawsuit? they can ask whoever they want to leave, so doing what you were doing was inappropriate and they had every right to ask you to go.

  6. They have the right to refuse service.
    You should have gone to Mickey D’s and ate inside of your truck…sounds like the perfect environment for you.

  7. The next time you get itchy beat feet to the restroom to scratch. I had a friend that went to a festival in a different city he had to pee real bad and went in an ally. The police saw him and charged him with indecent expos-er. He had to pay a lot of money and take a sex freak test? He had to sit in a room with wires attached to his body and look at pictures of naked people. I was in an Olive Garden once in Kansas City. I caught a cockroach on the table with my water glass. We got a free dinner. EEEEWWWwww.


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