Got a psychic reading Medium and it was so accurate.?

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I lost my boyfriend to suicide a little over two months ago. I am so heart broken. and I went as far as having a psychic reading and I was blown away.
First, it was psychic reading over the phone. Without me saying anything, he told me my boyfriend passed because “tightening around the neck” I didn’t even mention he was passed by suicide!!!
and he provided me with information only I would have known.
I am so blown away. I am just wondering do you think I get a good reading? do you believe in this kind of stuff.
Please do not tell me I opened door to satan. At this point, I really don’t care. I miss my boyfriend so much will try everything to connect with him again.
What do you think? Do you believe in this stuff?

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Urban Star2009â„¢

Sorry for the death of your boyfriend. I do think that people have certain mental abilities that would allow them to give such accurate information that they know nothing about. I say it seems you got a miraculous reading! If you feel that you want to connect with your boyfriend than try whatever avenue you feel would make that possible.
Best of Luck:)


sorry for your loss, I am ex-psychic, and i believ eint he ability to read soul’s. and that some psychics can read body language and they hear from demons, that know about your future but only god knows what will happen 24/7, demons can only see events not what happens 24/7, they inturn tell the psychics and then they lead you off the path that god has you on, while they take your $$$ to. Thats how it goes.


Sorry to hear about your boyfriend.
I believe and to believe means to exist. Seers who really know their stuff and who are good, can help and let you get through something much faster than therapy, especially if it is a program.
People think that psychic are going to tell you your future. You can opt to not have that part read. Some don’t read that and will only read now. Some are only trained to read now and not future. The future is what you make it. People who see psychics are not afraid of the truth. Not all psychics out there are good and just want to take money and are not accurate. But if over the phone and hits home, then it’s genuine.

Karly C

Only if you’re a psi (psychic) vampire. Sorry to hear about your boyfriend. ):


Just believe in God! Pray, everyday! Ask God to let you be at peace with this. You may not get to communicate with his spirit, if he has to “redo” life. I dont believe you just go to hell, or get stuck in purgatory. We have a forgiving God, who will give our soul the opportunity to “get it right”. I lost my BF to a suicide by drug dealer (he ripped off dealer to get him to shoot him, it worked!). Of course it was classified by police as murder, but J & I know what it was. And it was devastating for me to go on. But going to the dark side will not help- He is not there! More then likely his spirit came to you right after, to let you know he was ok, then he had to rebirth, to get life right, so his soul can go to heaven one day. If you cant see it now, just believe God will get you thru this. Ask God to bring him to you, to let you have a chance at saying goodbye. You have to let his soul be free by way of making peace, somehow, with this so that his soul will move on. Look for signs that hes with you, smells of his cologne in the air, things moved from where you put them, strange phone happenings(calls, #s, ect.) lights or tvs acting strangely, and in your dreams- you may or may not recognize his face, but you welcome the FEELING of the dream- the peace- thats them! Its very little in the way of confirmation, I know from experience, but its them, loving you back! But be prepared, once you acknowledge their presence, it stops, almost as if they know you are ok now too. Like they move on, or cross over. I know saying sorry for your loss doesnt help at all, but I am, and I do know your tremendous greif. Please dont give into it, give it to God, He will take it all away in time. And your boyfriend would want you to be in the peace of Gods love in this horrendous time too. Your BF didnt leave YOU, he just left life for a while, till God thinks hes ready to try again. Many powerful prayers be with you! If you need to chat, please email me!

in case of emergency mike angel.

sounds like your boyfriend was Being seduced by the material world and physical pleasures. Lust for and obsession with money and power. Living in fear, domination and bondage. Being caged by an overabundance of luxury. Discretion should be used in personal and business matters.
The top right card represents the second possible outcome. Knight of Pentacles: The essence of earth behaving as fire, such as molten magma: One slow to action, but decisive and unrelenting once set in motion. A force of nature whose methods are as predictable and dependable as they are unstoppable. The voice of duty, honor, and responsibility. The will to the change the world, not through bold action, but through the thorough and unwavering application of proven means.
The middle left card represents the force drawing you towards the first possible outcome. The Emperor: Worldly authority and power. Social mastery and oratory. One who is intelligent, experienced, confident and reasonable. A patriarch or primary male influence. The motive force of politics and society. The ability to fulfill plans and use mental control over the emotions.
The middle right card represents the force drawing you towards the second possible outcome. Five of Swords (Defeat): A success earned through personal degradation. Separation from friends brought about by an unfeeling and coldly calculated act. Temporary victory tainted by dishonor and providing fuel for eventual defeat.
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firstly, allow me to offer condolences for your loss. you are one of few people who are lucky enough to get a real physic reading, instead of one that is completely fake, as most of them are. however, i must warn you that what you are doing is dangerous. worry not about a door to satan or any other such thing, but do worry about what you may be doing to yourself and your boyfriend. you cant bring the dead back, even in the form of their spirit. you miss him, and you want him back, but it cannot be. you may connect to him again for a few moments at a time, but when he goes again it will leave you feeling emptier than ever. please, just attempt to contact him once more, make your peace with what happened, and try to move on and let him be at peace. death is a part of all mortal lives, and it is foolish to fight to reclaim a loved one from death, and though you may not even consciously know, this is what you are trying to do. if you require further help, please contact me.


Sorry for the death of your boyfriend, I do believe in that stuff and it does sound like you got a good reading. You are lucky.. my first boyfriend was murdered and my sis kept having dreams that he wanted her to tell me something but right when he was about to say what he wanted to say she would wake up… I wish there was a way to contact him… if you find a way be sure to post I would be very interested in that.


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