Good websites to learn about spiritualism and astral planes?

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Wikipedia isn’t really much help. Can any spiritualists out there link me to good, informative sites about the astral planes and your beliefs about the afterlife in general? Thanks.

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I believe that its impossible to know what will happen in the afterlife
Will you be reborn to repent your sins?
Will you be sent to heaven or to hell?
Will you rot in a grave?
Will you float around in an planar realm of chaos after you die?
I guess we wont know till it happens.
Too bad we can’t just practice all religions equally, and then we’d be destined for a good place no matter what, but each religion would collide with the other.
Hope it Helps (^.^)

Jack Mania

Eh, this is all I have, sry.
It’s not focused on what your looking for, but it’s there.


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