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Good resources for beginning spells or practice in wicca / druid?

I am interested in learning more about wicca and druidsim/shamanism and some of their fundamental beliefs if I am able. does anyone know any good reference material for learning useful information (i am especially interested in protection spells and anything that can help enhance my spiritual perception)
i have put a good bit of study into shaminsim/druidry/wicca as well as eastern taoism/buddhism – looking for protection and something to help me gauge/perceive energy streams and heighten my spiritual senses
foremost looking for “white magic” – protection and energy “purification” – but something to help me make spiritual perception more “acute” would be greatly appreciated
i am looking for books or sites that alludes to this information specifically. thanks


  1. dont do any spells. study the religion and craft for atleast a year first (and i mean 200 pages a day for a year) first

  2. First off, despite what some Wicca books claim, Wicca and Druidism and Shamanism are NOT at all the same. Wicca takes bits and pieces of several earth based pagan religions, mixes up some of its own stuff and calls it Wicca. They are also, of the three mentioned, the most into ‘spell work’. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is Not a re-constructionist religion.
    Druidism is the study of the belief system of the ancient Celts, especially the Drui class. It is very scholarly, and not much on ‘spell’ work.
    True Shamanism is Siberian based. Many people use shamanism as an umbrella term. You can find decent books on ‘Celtic’ Shamanism. Siberian Shamanism has no spell work attached.
    I would check out links you might find under http://www.witchvox.com for Good, Grounded books on all/any of these three.
    For Wicca I recommend Scott Cunningham first and foremost.
    Caitlan Matthews (I think that’s the name) has done some stuff of Celtic Shamanism
    For Druid works, check out a website called “CRFACS” for the commonly asked questions about Celtic Reconstructionism.


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