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Good questions to ask psychic medium?

I have an appointment with a medium, I have never been. Anybody have any good questions to ask? He told me to bring a list.


  1. lottery numbers
    NBA winner
    McCain’s VP choice
    Indy 500 winner (or loser, for that matter)
    price of gas next Labor Day

  2. maybe start out with something from your past that they could not possibly know unless they truely were “gifted” then if they pass the test ask away with whatever you want to know about your future, if they faqil the first question, get your money back and hit the road yo

  3. If you’re seeing a medium, you must have questions of your own, or why go?
    I will say that if he tells you 1) you will meet someone 2) you’re going to come into some money and 3) you’re going to travel, then he’s probably a fake. That’s all three things in the same reading, mind you. The fakes are notorious for giving those three items in a reading.

  4. Jerry
    If your going to a medium, then you will be going to get proof of survival of a loved one.
    The psychic part means that you should go with questions of the areas of your life that you Need insight into. Use the time wisely with this visit – ask questions that matter to you!

  5. Be clear about what you want from him.
    divide your interest into the categories of love, family, career, finances etc.
    decide what you would most like to know in each area and write these down. you may not have to ask these particular questions, but if feel you have not received information you want, then ask.
    to get the best quality reading it is beneficial to start with the area of most interest if the clairvoyant doesn’t immediately bring it up. you should not reveal too much information, as a clairvoyant it is not helpful, as a client you are now not getting what you are paying for.
    if you receive information be prepared to ask for more information in that area or more details, timing etc.
    be prepared to let your clairvoyant know when they are being very accurate, and when they are not, this will help them to follow a trail of information to give you the best value for your money. if you do not want to know more about information that comes forward be ready to say so and they can move on to something else.
    do not be shy… do not be scared and lastly be prepared to use any helpful information. if you are not clear about anything say so.


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