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Good psychic protection techniques?

Does anyone have any advice (practitioners, if possible) on how to psychically shield from negative energies and astral entities? I’ve had a couple of distressing experiences with negative energies recently, and I think i’m lacking protection.
Any good books or websites on the subject or effective techniques? I regularly ask my guardian angel for protection, and also my guides.
Real helpful guys. I’m well aware of the arguments against psychic ability. That’s why I asked for the advice of a *practitioner.*
Thanks for playing.
I like the tin foil hat idea, tho.


  1. The best protection is learning rational and critical thinking skills.Once you’ve learned them magical thinking will no longer be a problem.

  2. the only protection is the idea that you can eat negative energy like bad vegetables . thats why as a child , in my world anyways , you are forced to eat what is put in front of you , go big or go hungry , and then digest it , expel it , sniff it , leave it . thats how i do it , thats how we do it . so , look at it like you have eaten something not entirely agreeable with your taste buds but know , in the long run ( expect to be here forever if you have to ) , that it shall pass , and after the passing , you will see that negative energy , scientifically proven , can be cycled into positive .

  3. In emergency situations, visualize yourself surrounded by a white, protecting light (I wouldn’t use this constantly as it can take a lot of energy and tends to block everything, good and bad).
    The other technique you can use every day. I got it from a book called “Your Aura and Your Chakras: The Owner’s Manual” by Karla McLaren. It’s a very good book if you ever get a chance to pick up a copy…
    It’s called Sentry. You need to visualize a big rose (the bloom open and the size of your face, the color is up to you) in front of you. The stem is covered in healthy leaves and many thorns, and is cut of at your naval. Program the rose so that negativity becomes like fertilizer to it, so it takes in negativity instead of letting it get to you.
    Now imagine a cord leading from the base of the flower to the center of the earth. This will ground the flower/sentry. Call your name (spiritual or birth name, whichever feels more comfortable to you) down the cord 3 times to connect yourself to the sentry. When you have done all of this, see the flower tilt down just a little, and turn it to face away from you.
    This Sentry will greet all incoming energy before it gets to you. Often negativity is just a way of getting attention. If it is acknowledged (in this case, by your rose), it should leave you alone.
    Check in on your sentry often, and if you notice it start to wilt: let it go, thank it for helping you, and make a new one using the above steps.
    I have done this for years, and it seems to help a lot. I have used different colors depending on everything from the situation to my personal mood, and it doesn’t seem to matter what color you use. Use what feels right.

  4. ok I ‘tll be happy to help u I ‘ll give a personal meditaion of mine breathe in white gold energy affirm I am breathing in powerful white gold energy around me this energy that is forming an aura of protection around me this aura protects me at all times and in every way but breathe the energy into ur chakras. Or if u are adept in that, attach the energy to ur aura, now u really have to be focused to forthis to worknothing can distract you, in anyway now expand ur consciousness to your aura, and visualize and feel your aura expanding than do the afformentioned above breathing techique and focus and directing the energyto attach to ur aura this should be done in deep trance for effective ness. when u exhale direct the energy to attach to your aura if u know how to use runes that can help the Sowilo rune pronounced in Germanic Sugil when u exhale vibrate SSSSSSSS-UUUUUUUUUUUU-GGGGGGGGG-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL be sure to clean your aura before doing this visulize and expand your consciousness to the aura than put a white gold fire around your aura. Wait you have a Guardian angel no wonder you ae having trouble Angels are known as enemy Nordics Lucifer was said to come from that I have seen him he is a god not an angel in Egypt he is known as Ptah in Sumeria Enki or Ea in greece Eosphoros “lightbringer” Luc in Rome also lightbearer he can help u when I was wiccan I loved the Enki and Eosphoros now I know they are the same Satan is not an appropriate term to describe Lucifer in sumerian myth he has son known as Nergal God the underworld Amon ra aka Marduk Set also known as the goetic god sitri, yes the very same adversary of Horus the fight was symbolic but anyway go these gods for protection they will help but u need to protect yourself as well gods are better than angels


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