Good paranormal magic books and grimoires?

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Do you reccomend any books about paranormal magic or any grimoires? Thanks. Lately I’ve been fascinated by reading about them online.

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There’s so many of them out there ranging from wicca spell books to true ghost stories. Do you have a Books-A-Million store in your area? If not, any book store or library will do. There’s a section of the book store labeled supernatural/spiritualism or occultism section that has all these books to choose from. You’ll be in there for hours looking at all the interesting stuff!


Magic is a separate venue entirely. Spellbooks are garbage, simple, they typically do not have all of the information on how to actually use the spells. These are ripoffs for people who think they can do something quick and easy.
Spells are a result of learning, how honing skills and knowledge, they take time and effort. Each spell is typically made for one person, so using someone else’s spells is like using someones underwear or used socks.
If you want to just work with magical energy without use of religion you could check out Ceremonial Magic. This takes years and no book will help you with this. Why? Because the actual information is not out there to be published.
Religious paths to Magic are out there as well. Witchcraft, of which Wicca is but 1 tradition or pathway, there are hundreds of traditions on Witchcraft, so there are many choices to be had.




I bought a book through by Gerina Dunwich, called “A Witch’s Guide to Ghosts and the Supernatural.” It’s a fantastic book and is filled with very good info. As with all books of magick, make sure you remember that what the author wrote is merely their opinion on the subject. It doesn’t have to be yours. The books can be helpful, but if you choose to use a spell from a book, try to make it more your own. You’ll have better luck with it working if you make it your own.

Here is the initial problem. People with talent are not “paranormal”. This is not magic! People with talent are as normal as anyone else. It is just that their talents run to areas not well investigated.
Please read Ingo Swann’s views on what is intrinsic to human beings.


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