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Good or Bad ?

Can you rate my story out of ten? (one=rubbish, five=good, ten=great)
It needs editing, I know. All the characters in these paragraphs were explained earlier on in the book, so was the background.
Would you read the entire book?< Just wondering. He had a black eye and bruises across his neck; a purplish hue. He began to walk towards Eveck, “The shadows? You, attacked Cameron and me, because...you saw shadows, right?” Scott asked,Eveck nodded and Scott’s face became grim, “Is there a shadow on...my shoulder?”He whispered, Eveck glanced at his shoulder and shook his head. “Thank you.”Scott gasped before sprinting away, none of the others saw Scott move; he just disappeared. Eveck gazed in the direction Scott headed in, he saw him run...faster than he’d thought a human ever could. Kai asked “What was that about?”Eveck shook his head and began to walk in the direction Scott went, Eveck turned around and said “Stay out of the shadows.”As soon as he’d finished, he stopped time. He turned away and began to run, he ploughed through the air; the air had friction as it was unable to flow. He glanced back once more. They were all frozen; like statues, and yet so lifelike. Eveck upped his pace and disappeared as time resumed its natural order, Kai stood there and felt the air ripple towards him, Eveck was gone. Thank you for reading 🙂 Oh. The "Shadows" thing, in this part of the book, the characters are in a security complex. Kai, Eveck and the others are now prisoners within the complex, there's something outside; hiding in the shadows. It latches onto people and spreads through contact with real shadows, once it latches onto a shadow, it feeds off of that person's aura and soul. Once fully developed they kill their host, gain their form and set off hunting the rest of us humans! Scott isn't a prisoner btw.


  1. O ehm Gz! thats so freaking good! I think anyway. I would read it, 🙂
    Peace!!! 9.9 outta 10 lol

  2. i don’t want to rate but i will say that its a great idea and a good start but needs lots of work, so keep at it.

  3. Wow……I would so read that! 🙂
    Sounds like my kind of book! Very good storyline from what I can see, I’m sure It’d keep the reader intrigued 😀
    I’d rate it an 8/10 😀


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