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good magick books?

and by magick i meen wicca books and stuff. but no black magic.


  1. To Ride a Silver Broomstick by Silver Ravenwolf is generally considered to be an especially good introduction to wiccan traditions. Though in the last ten years maybe something else has gotten more popular.
    The thing to remember is that solitary paths into the unknown are highly experiential. That means that you sort of have to figure every out for yourself, so don’t be afraid to read lots of books and only use or believe the parts that are useful for you!

  2. Some good books for the beginner or someone with casual interest is
    Truth about witchcraft today By Scott Cunningham
    A very basic quick read paperback that can be passed on to friends & family members to help explain modern witchcraft
    When Why If by Robin Wood Is a good book about the ethics of magic.
    The Spiral Dance by Star Hawk is another good intro book for the ecologically minded pagan.
    Scott Cunningham’s “Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner” & “Living Wicca” are a good intro to the practice of Wicca as a religion.
    Silver Ravenwolf has gotten alot of bad press ever since her release of “Teen Witch” & “Teen Witch Kit.” However her intro materials such as “To Ride a Silver Broomstick” and “Stir a Magic Cauldron” are just as good as Scott Cunningham and Raymond Buckland. They are pretty easy to follow and fun to read. They are written in a workbook style that makes tracking your progress a breeze.
    Wheel of the Year By Pauline Campenelli is a great book for craft ideas to help the new witch attune with the seasons.

  3. Ed fitch has a beginner book for those in the craft & it touches on wicca as well.
    as to spells any one with enough years of experience will tell you the best spells any one can cast are the ones they create for them selves.
    a spell book is for the rituals in it & to give you ideas as to how to create the spells you want not to just hand you a spell & say “here you go & have fun!’

  4. With all due respect to the first answer, Silver Ravenwolf is one of the most despised authors (for good reason) of the Wiccan community.
    http://wicca.timerift.net has a fairly legit (non fluffy “oh my gods majik is kewl” bunny) booklist. It shows you all the books that are legitimate and it also warns against the ones who try to target people who want to do “cool awesome spells” without any discipline.

  5. Ramond Buckland LOL my high priestess used to call him the Mr. Rogers of witchcraft.
    He’s great and so is Scott Cunningham. So is Ravenwolf’s early stuff. Modern Magick by Donald Micheal Craig is the best starter book I have ever read.


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