Good books on Rune Magick?

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I understand that there is a lot of contravorsy regarding some aspects of the Runes and Rune Magick. I’m hoping to find some good books that are accurate and don’t list contravorsy as fact.

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Runes Or Rune Magic is stemmed from paganistic beliefs.
Paganistic beliefs are irrational and are generally mocked.
However if you wish to read about Runes, there is a book called Rune Magic By Donald Tyson Which I own, which gives a brief history and varios rituals and rites concerning runes such as Divination and Talismans. It is intresting and informative at best.

Boar's Heart

Well, first you kind of have to define “accurate.” Most of what has been written on the runes tends to be derived from Edred Thorsson—real name Dr. Stephen Flowers, a former Germanic scholar from Texas and founder of the Rune Gild—who is heavily influenced by TOS, OTO, ceremonial magick, Guido von List, and the Germanic occult tradition in general.
And almost all of it, consequently, is modern conjecture and New Age fabrication.
Now, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t *work.* But I would highly recommend starting with “Rudiments of Runelore” by Stephen Pollington first . . . it’s easily found on Amazon and unlike virtually EVERY other author, Pollington is a legitimate, recognized scholar with no “woowoo hoodoo” axe to grind or agenda to promote, yet he does not discount the magical uses to which the runes were historically put.
From there, “Futhark” by Edred Thorsson, “Nordic Runes” by Paul Rhys Mountfort (my personal fave, since its actual rune section is well-researched, comprehensive, and 130+ pages long) or “Northern Mysteries & Magic” by Freaky Asswind . . . errr, ‘scuse me, Freya Aswynn, lol . . . all have their good and bad points but are more-or-less reliable sources of information, especially if filtered through Pollington’s work and then allowed to cancel each other’s excesses out somewhat (in other words, only go with what they all agree on, and take the rest under advisement and with a truckload of salt).
A new book that’s garnering a lot of attention and some positive reviews is Diana Paxson’s “Taking Up the Runes,” but I have to tell you, Paxson is the flakiest multi-trad nutter in all of heathenry, and even crazier than Aswynn, which for a long time no one thought even possible. I simply have absolutely no use for anything that dribbles out of her drooling maw. Others may disagree, and are welcome to do so.
Avoid Blum at ALL COSTS. Worst rune books ever.

Dr. Zoom Zoom 3.0

You might try here,

Rob Thorsman

Boar’s Heart is right on, pretty much. I’ve never read Pollington (it’s being shipped to me as we speak!), but I have all the others and I would recommend them in that order (Thorsson, Aswynn, Paxson). I don’t think Paxson’s book is that bad, though. Paxson has her… um, “eccentricities,” but neither this book nor Essential Asatru, which I’ve recommended in other questions, is that far off of the norm.
And I don’t think there are many people… um, more “eccentric” than Freya Aswynn.
Avoid Ralph Blum at all costs. He knows little to nothing. Closer to nothing. Avoid any book that lists a blank rune, because there is no blank rune. There are 24 runes in the Elder Futhark.
Btw, here’s a little piece of fiction I wrote about the blank rune. You might get a kick out of it too, Boar’s Heart.
Enjoy. I enjoyed writing it.

Moon Maid

You could try Rune Power by Kenneth Meadows – my b/f reads the runes and has a copy

Professor Longhair

There is much written on the subject of the Runes. Read as much as you can to find your place, if you have one, within the tradition. There is no one without a secret agenda who will say read or don’t read this or that. Your judgement is your own.


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