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Good books for teens with male protagonist and a near death experience?

What are some good books that are not popular (Hunger games, artemis fowl, graceling, etc)
that have:
A male protagonist
A or some, Near death experiences (almost being murdered, stabbed, any of that qualifies)
Mystery appriciated

Ive read and liked:
Wolf rider
Evil genius
The demon king

You get the vibe.
I know im picky with my books but I love reading and summaries are greatly appriciated.


  • Hatchet by Gary Paulsen – Brian Robeson goes on his first flight ever, but the pilot of the twin-engine plane has heart attack. Plane crashes. Brian must learn how to survive in the Canadian wilderness with only a hatchet. http://www.shvoong.com/books/children-and-youth/2171956-hatchet/

    Monster by Walter Dean Myers – Steve struggles to survive in prison and in the courtoom while on trial for felony murder. http://www.shvoong.com/books/children-and-youth/1935999-monster-walter-dean-myers/

  • Blades and Dangerous Days, both by J. William Turner. Realistic fiction about Australian teens in several tense, dramatic, life and death situations set in many parts of Australia, plus California and England, and dealing with teenage, adult and social themes. The plot of each novel unfolds as a series of four-stories-in-one. In Dangerous Days near death of the important characters comes from blizzards (story 1), a murderous drug trafficker (story 2), international terrorists (story 3), and a vengeful colleague (story 4). In Blades near death comes from fire in stories 1 & 3, acute illness and a wild dog in story 2, and from a downward emotional spiral in story 4. More info in Yahoo web search

  • Harry Potter
    A Separate Peace
    Romeo & Juliet
    The Red Badge of Courage
    Adventures of Huck Finn
    Jane Eyre


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