Going to heal myself with magick please help (wiccans ONLY)!!?





I’m going to try to heal myself with energy magick in order to heal myself from scoliosis, how should I do it? any tips and/or advice?


  1. There have been some good answers here and a lot of folks that know only what they have read in books or from TV shows.
    Hollywood Witchcraft is pure BS and has little to do with working real magic.
    Since you know that you have it, you are already seeing a doctor. That is good. Taking action toward the problem is principle with doing any good and worthwhile magic.
    Real magic can help heal, but it is not the end all and be all of healing. You can try Reiki, healing circles and all of the less fluffy methods to help, but in the end, the Doctor is your best bet, in a case as serious as this is.
    All other methods will help the healing process, but will not fix the problem on their own. You must work with the medical specialists that do the physical work of healing.

  2. use reiki. Other than that id recommend using gemstones and or crystals that can help with that and don’t just rely on energy healing. go to your doctor too!

  3. Magic doesn’t work because you act out spells like a script.
    If you want to learn magic, it starts with a great deal of study and mental discipline.
    It will not cure all you ails. It can help living with it easier, but it’s not faith-healing.
    Wicca and Witchcraft are not the same thing… that might be the start of your studies, to see which one you are really interested in. Wicca is a religion; Witchcraft is the practice of magic.

  4. Positive visualization and meditation can be extremely beneficial in healing, but done in tandem with other things. With scoliosis, that is seeing a doctor, possibly getting a brace for a bit. Listen, if someone asked if they could pray to God and be cured of scoliosis, you would say no right? Same same. Positive energy is one of the most powerful things in the universe, but cannot fix everything.

  5. As a Wiccan, I’m going to tell you right now, and very firmly, that you should see a musculo-skeletal specialist who can get you fitted for a back brace. Then you should follow your doctor’s advice.
    Using magick is the Wiccan equivalent of praying for healing. Positive energies can lend a person the strength to get through the physical and emotional ordeal of an illness, but they can’t kill bacteria, and they can’t straighten a spine.
    Be smart, and see a doctor.

  6. Isn’t it weird that most nerdy women go from whatever religion to atheism (maybe agnostic) to wiccan (ism). This witch sh*t is thrown around a lot in yahoo answers, they should put wiccan in their dictionary; but to be fair if people support any other religion in yahoo answers, wiccans should be able to smear ignorance around this site.
    Well, to answer your question: You do some weird ritual involving goat’s blood and severed testicles. Then when you wake up next day, go to the doctor and say I have scoliosisf and tried to cure myself with magick, magick that is spelled with a “k” at the end. Then he’ll give you a diagnosis and do whatever he tells you to do.

  7. As a Christian with scoliosis, I’m anticipating surgery sometime in my mid-thirties. I don’t believe in favoring prayer over the God given fruits of science.

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