going through a spiritual crisis?

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Honestly. It’s like a gamble.
Believe in god/jesus/salvation- go to heaven
anything else- to go hell FOREVER
what if your mind is saying go to jesus 2 avoid ever lasting torture but your heart is saying logic/whatever else you believe in?
oh another crisis!!! peeps or chocolate bunnies

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shell answer man

wow, great, I was afraid I got home too late to catch the last round.
*bottoms up*


is’nt that called the Pascal Gambit:
believe for the sake of believing b/c if your right you’ve gained the afterlife, if your wrong you’ve lost nothing etc…
Just live life now…
oh and neither, cadbury cream egg 😀


second first, peeps, marshmellow over chocolate any time.
first one. your at a hard point in life, what you need to do is find a good place to read up on matterial of both sides of the argument. if logic is pursuading you way, then I recomend Aquinas, augustine, and fransis de sales. all are excellent authors and thinkers.

Praire Crone

i went through one about 7 years ago. I am now Wiccan and at peace finally.


thats deep, ill say go with your heart


Then Confess JESUS and your crisis will evapolate for good


Well its not a gamble if you have faith.
Pray about it.


You are at a precarious edge where you must decide to go with what you have been told to believe by others or what you believe by your own observations and studies. It comes down to whether you want to follow and be part of the ‘flock’ or stray and becoming an independent observer and making a spiritual decision on what you learn through careful study. Don’t give up your current faith if you find it legitimate, but in no way should you hold onto it if you know, not just feel, that it is inherently wrong or disagrees with your own justifications.

Debbie R

go with your heart…kinda like being in love…if we’d listened to our hearts, we could have lost out on a wonderful spouse or friend.
go peeps!

Uncle Meat

If Jesus would threaten me with hell. Screw him.
I like chocolate bunnies.


Nope….I left christianity many years ago and still believe it was the best decision I ever made. My mind never says to go 2 jesus. That thought would be absurd to me.
Chocolate bunnies rock. (you do know that all the trappings of Easter (just like xmas) are pagan don’t ya? Enjoy!


your additional details note you added makes me question the depth and seriousness of your question.
however, faith is hard to come by… i’ve spent the past year and a half in a slump with the same thoughts crossing my mind.
i think its the mindset. i wouldn’t think that i’d want to go to jesus/god TO avoid hell… sure an eternity of suffering and sadness doesn’t appeal to anyone. but i think if you go more in terms of wanting an eternity of love and happiness, then it may be easier to look at.
lately, i’ve been blessed by finding who in my life exemplifies god’s love for me and how they carry themselves on a daily basis inspires me. if you look more for the love, and keep your head facing forward, you’ll find it. you won’t find it by looking over your shoulder trying to avoid hell.
sometimes there’s no logic to love, and its hard to go against science and logic in this ever-changing fast paced world. but keep the pace and look for it… its the only consistent thing there is. and god is love.

Rouge Rocker

Forget all that carp food. develop a spiritual relationship with your higher power.Call this entity what you please.There is no heaven or hell only the NOW . Strive for spiritual progress not perfection.Go with peeps There cute and do astounding things in the microwave


There is no everlasting torture and i as a christian am saddened as well as sickened at that lack of truth taught today. I am a defender of God’s Word not of mans traditions which make void the precious Word of God. God dosen’t get His kicks from zapping people and sending them to hell,that is a lie. Hell means the grave, or death which God desroys. The souls of those who don’t make it are painlessly blotted out and it is to God’s hurt. It breaks His heart, because His wish is for all to come to repentence. But on the same token He being holy cannot allow someone to heaven that would ruin it for His saints. Some will not make it,but He will in no way torture them. Thats what man say, but praise be to God thats not who He is.

h.a. k

It is only a temporary phase.
I feel that every body started in the same way and ended up accepting that the present state of the mind and the world is O.K.
As long as we are involved in the world of duality these mental situations will always be there.
the relief from which can be got by spirituality.

Eartha Q

Your mind might fight what your heart tells you is true.
That’s because of so many years of indoctrination.
If you are serious, you only need to ask God to make himself real to you. If you are sincere, he will do it.


It’s the other way around — your mind is telling you to use logic, your heart is just emotions playing tricks on you.
Never make a decision based on fear. Overcome fear, don’t be afraid to ask the questions and DON”T be afraid of the answers. Use proven scientific facts, reason and logic, don’t trust emotions, fear, or blind “faith”. Be SMART! Free your mind and your heart, there is far, far more peace and freedom in NOT enslaving yourself to any religion.


It’s not a gamble either way if you truly believe in God. He
does not want to hurt us. We do a pretty good job of that
ourselves. He died for us and our sins are forgiven. He
represents everything in life that is good, honest, kind
and caring.If you are truly seeking answers from him
he will give you wisdom , understanding and all the answer es you need to deside which journey you want to
be on in this physical world.


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