Gods of War

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Video showing Chinese soldiers crying while they are on their way to the disputed border with India has gone viral on social media. In the viral video, the young Chinese Army recruits can be seen crying and singing a Chinese military song called ‘Green Flowers in the Army’. 

The Video Quoted in Chinese (After getting in the car, I was told that the cannon fodder on the front line was crying!)

In 3000 years, 5000 wars have been fought — this is what the male mind has done.

There has never been any peace. There have been only two periods in history: the period we know as war, and the period we call peace, which is a cover-up – in reality, it should be called preparation for another war. The whole history consists only of two things: war and preparation for war.

The politicians have been doing exactly what they have always been doing: creating more conflict, more unrest, more discrimination, more destructive weapons – and preparing for the third world war.

The majority of the wars have been in Asia. It is one of the strategies of the powerful nations and their politicians that they should fight always in some other country; the Soviet Union and America were fighting in Afghanistan.

So the people of Afghanistan are killed; Afghanistan becomes a graveyard, and America and the Soviet Union were both profited by selling weapons.

Quotes from the Book – The Hidden Splendor

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