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God's most beautiful creation that refused to love mankind is members of mankind labeled the Devil, right?

Well, acknowledging that words are simply carriers of conceptual ideas that are individually defined in everyone’s subconscious mind potentially unique in subtleties, definitions behind the meanings of words hold greater weight than the words themselves. I do not believe anyone is pure evil even if evil is all the focus upon and reflect outward to the World. Often things that are misinterpreted get labeled as evil. For instance may interpret sodomy as pure evil in action yet the attempt of forced penetration has nothing to do with sexuality and can be forced adminstration of drugs believed to be helpful to the subject even though they may not be helpful at all and constitute a raping of sorts. Lobotomies were accepted and are chemical and physical mind rape purpetrated with believed good intent based on a confused and presumed evil and wrong message shared upon the World. The Devil is a metaphor of humanity acting evil to humanity. Am I wrong?


  1. Yes, you are wrong, as you ask the wrong question.
    Consider a 2 year old child of your own. There is nothing that child could do to make you turn away from that child. No tantrum too loud, no pounding your chest too hard, no words of hate too many.
    Is God not as far advanced from you, as you are from that child?
    This world is a learning academy. Did you get 100% on every test in school? If not, then why believe we all will get 100% every time in real life.
    What to learn is simple:
    1. God love you. You should love God.
    2. Love mankind, as we need all the help we can get.
    3. Be good as being good is good for you.
    4. And when you die, believe you will go to heaven, and you will.
    See you there.

  2. This all sounds good, but it is really just babbling. There are real “evil” minds and people, who I think are possessed by the Devil. Jesus healed a man possessed with demons. Maybe you should visit some of these people in prison who have slaughtered children, tasted their flesh, tortured, etc. Do you think it is drugs, just misinterpretation of a label of evil, no, it is pure evil. My sister was a Probation Officer and would interview these killers in prison, she said as she looked into their eyes, they were empty. They finally confessed they “enjoyed” what they did. I hope you never meet an pure “evil” person, then you can come back and tell me this all over again, if you are still alive. Let me put it this way, there is positive and negative energy all around us, there is also evil, (negative), and God, who is described as love, which would be (positive). You must have a negative to have a positive. This is something that God allows, after man chose evil through the first man and woman He created. You sound very strange, and am wondering who you are, negative force, maybe?
    You are wrong, the devil is pure evil. You are either into some drugs, or a mixed up guy…..

  3. i don’t know what youre talking about, but i hate to break this to you, some things are just plain evil. face it and deal with it. some people come out haywired in the brain and they hunt and eat people, man is evil, what will you eat today? probably the flesh of another mammal that is of the same breathe. do we have to eat other animals? no , but they taste really good. we can get plenty of protein from beans and nuts but we choose to eat cows, which are pretty cool creatures if u ever watch them they are very much like dogs, but we don’t eat dogs, but dogs i hear taste just like cows. the devil or satan is our “advesary” according to scripture

  4. In practical life there is no absolute evil, only points of view, save probably for the most infamous acts.
    I think you are right, the devil is a human construct that simbolizes absolute evil and the power of temptation over men. Something that must be avoided at all costs.

  5. God created human and devil as well to live together in this life to have right and wrong things and then the judgement will come on both. God asked human not to follow the devil otherwise human will go to hill so, human should obey what the God said not the devil. Human who is spreading the evil so he is following the devil so he might be Devil too but that human can be forgiven and return to his right.

  6. You can try to philosophize away evil all you want but evil still exists. Humanity cannot justify evil towards other humans by saying “the devil made me do it”. They will have to, at some point, accept the responsibility for their own actions.
    All words have intrinsic, agreed upon meanings that always apply. If people have further subtleties of meaning they apply to a word it is applicable to them only.
    No person is pure evil. They are a human that has given themselves up to evil but even the most evil person can be redeemed by God.
    Your example of sodomy as pure evil falls apart because it is an action, a thing, which can never be evil or good. The actor, or cause of the act, is the perpetrator of evil and even then it depends of the circumstances of the actors. Are they a married couple or a pair of men?
    Poorly thought out science has always been responsible for much evil when it is used by people who choose to act with evil intent or, even worse, to act with good intent which ends in an evil result.
    The devil is a real spiritual being who is evil. However, he is not the cause of individual evil acts done by humans. Every human being has the power to act in an evil way or in a way that benefits himself and others. The devil can urge people to do many sorts of things but humans always have the freedom to “just say no”.

  7. According to Mother Mary and Her Crew, Satan and his demons or dones came to her earth totally uninvited… warred against the Children or people of Earth. So there are two sides to life. One is from God and the other is from Satan. You can’t change sides. Either you are from God or the devil. I know this sounds religious, but I am a telepath, and I hear these Ancient Ones speak all of the time. It’s also possible to read the Akashic Records, aka Earth Records, for oneself, just so you know. You just need a little help in learning how. I’ts not hard, I promise. What I do here on earth is to try and help others find the answers to good questions like yours. I hear, so I am what is called a channel. No big deal, it’s just my job. For instance, Hitler, Stalin, Napolean, Alexander the Great, Herod the Great, Edi Amin… the list is endless of these very unforgiving creeps. Meaning, I don’t forgive them either, because they are truly evil. They aren’t God’s creations. They came from a planet called Hell, which they blew to hell, pardon the pun, meaning, they completely destroyed their own kind before they arrived here. And I know that sounds like sci-fi, but it happened exactly that way. I am assured, however, that these freaky drones will be returning to an “equal hell,” like it or not. And that last part is not a joke. In fact, I am told that only about 8 % of these dark things remain here on earth… but not for long. That is the purpose of increasing earthquakes, floods, hurricanes… meaning, the Earth is rapidly cleansing itself of this foul crap. Not all that die in world disasters are evil, of course. Others are simply being returned to their Twin Flame mates, the original ones they started life with long ago. The devil, ie Satan’s name today is literally Satchya Sai Baba of India, who asserts that he is our Creator. Check it out sometime. This freak has literally raped thousands of God’s true children all over the world. But his time on earth is very short. He is rotting and dying rapidly, and will never be allowed to incarnate, visit or live anywhere on any planet or solar system, universe, etc. EVER!!!

  8. You have a wicked sense for twists and turns, but your correct in a reasonable matter. The only devil is the human race doing what it does without logical reasoning skills. I do believe in true evil though, that is a matter of perception. The true evil I see doesn’t know it’s evil, so the evil in question is still subject to perception and belief. The devil metaphor is to old to logically explain, think of the term Satan instead of the devil. Satan originally was used as a term for adversary, so the word devil can play that role to. Satan is to adersary as Devil is to evil. The original meaning was then lost to the words new archtype, the boogieman.

  9. God is real, satan is real also, u need to really research the non mainstream news, and not just put out ur uneducated (not necessarily school) view which will mislead others who are blind, as it has to some degree already based on some of the responses to ur comment, and i am not saying u are stupid or forcefully lying, but i am saying u are very wrong in your statement, spend time reading the bible, not the new king james, its hijacked, and spend time actually talking to Jesus\God thru ur day, be consistent, ask himto reveal himself truly in your life, mean it in your heart, and he will, he has for me, and millions of others, but its up to u…..all u have to do is believe and trust, forget what the skeptics say, they are blind, they like their sin more trhat salvation. Good day, and i apologize for any seemingly insultive statements, as i to at one point did not believe! but i wanted the truth more than the want to please my own pridefulness. GOD bless!

  10. and actually, the new age movement, is satanic, anything that leads away from our creator, who yes can live in us, but is not just there from the getgo, as sin has seperated us from him, the new age movement is satanic, forget the pretty words and comforting lies they preach, read the bible, as original as u can get it, with the thees and thous and ye’s and pray and actyually talk to GOd, find …MAKE time throughout your day, get alone and talk to him, ask him to reveal himself in your life.


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