God women are so selfish sexually?





Women: Question about double standards regarding sex?
Here’s what one guy said
“I hope I’m wrong, but this thread and others give me the impression that a lot of double standards still exist; a lot of women are clueless about male sexuality; a lot of women think if a guy comes it means he is always “satisifed”; a lot of women still like to control using sex, and act like it’s a one-way street; a lot of women are selfish lovers (and the most selfish ones are probably the first to project their own selfishness unto men); and a lot of women hold the guys responsible both for their pleasure/satisfaction, and his own. And let’s not even try to deal with the “he should just be happy he’s getting any” argument. I don’t see anyone telling women they should be thrilled just to be getting mediocre sex.”
Can a woman ever give equally in sex and take control and be on top half the time?
How many women actually give oral, stimulate the prostate, and get on top sometimes?
Do you think a good woman does get on top, gives oral equally and always looks for ways to please her partner such as tantra and prostate stimulation.


  1. Watch out the censors are out hot and heavy today and if you ask any question that isn’t appropriate for a 3 yr old you will be reported.

  2. I think that things are equal when it comes to sex. Not all women are selfish lovers and nor are all men. My husband and I have had sex every day for the past 2 or 3 weeks, and I work nights. Its hard to find time in my marriage for it, but because we both love each other, we make it work somehow. If I come home from work and he is asleep, I give him a nice wake up by giving oral and taking control of the situation. In turn, my husband wakes me up the same before he goes to work. I feel when you truly love someone, you don’t do things like use something so special for means of controlling someone. I also think though that its a give and take thing, you can’t always expect her to be the aggressor if she in turn doesn’t get the same kind of stimuli. Hope this helps you though.

  3. Well I can only speak for myself but I’m not selfish. I love to get on top….backwards, sideways….doesn’t matter. I give oral just because I like to see his toes curl up and his eyes roll back….foam coming out the mouth lol (that lets me know I’m doing it well!!) If my man isn’t satisfied then I’m not satisfied. What’s the point of having sex if we both don’t benefit from it.

  4. um u either begg do much or she’s scared u nwill leave her wait until she is comfortable u are rushing her it feels cfrazy if she isnt crazy about u but u can feel love when u both love each other

  5. Well, try and keep in mind alot of women on here probably spend a great deal of time on the internet and well lets face it the internet addicts can be extremely weird people lol.
    I was really shocked to hear about women holding out on their men for more than a couple days to be honest… Myself, I loooove going down on my hubby. I try to do it a few times a week and who wouldn’t like being on top??? Much more fun to control the pleasure he gets in that position, I’ve found ways to move that can make my hubby almost scream in pleasure.
    I bet the reason why women don’ty get on top much is either
    A: Too darn lazy to please their man, or
    B: they’re extremely self conscious.
    But it does sound like maybe you are not getting what you need from your woman?

  6. I am willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy my husband. I’m sorry if you have been with lame lovers. Drop the anger.

  7. We have sex daily and we only use missionary once a month or less. We have a joke that when we do it missionary it’s kinky sex for us. There are too many other ways to enjoy sex than just lay there and have a man hump away on you.

  8. At some point when I have sex with my bf I get on top and I almost always perform oral sex on him. I get pleasure out of pleasing him.

  9. my wife and i have fun with everything we do. she gives me oral a lot, not as much as i give her but thats because i enjoy making her feel that amazing. during sex we usually split who is on top.
    it is pretty equal, i please her more than she pleases me but im a giver.

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