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God spoke to me. Should I reveal the message?

About 10 years ago, I was driving in a very heavy rainstorm during a Tornado Warning. I was having a spiritual crisis at the time, and I prayed that God might reveal his plan for me. At the moment I made that prayer, a bird of prey flew directly in front of my car, then the rain broke and the sky seemed to open up and the Sun lay directly ahead, surrounded by great white clouds.
A voice said to me, “I am the Lord your God”. I asked, “How can I know it is you, Lord? And not my own hallucination or Satan trying to deceive me?”. The voice answered with a stunning revelation which I have not told to anyone, and was a “very hard teaching” which would be considered blasphemous by most mainline Christian, Jewish, and Islamic groups. It occurred to me that repeating it would bring a “sword & division” between my family, friends, and almost everyone who has an opinion about the nature of God.
If I convey the message, I will look crazy for sure. If not, I am hiding the word of God.
p.s. I never had any experiences like this before or since.
What a great set of answers, they come from so many angles. By looking them over I can see that some–perhaps sincerely–thirst for a better understanding of the nature of God. Some doubt my story, perhaps because they are strict materialists, and some doubt it because they follow a dogma which places restrictions on God’s behavior.
In a way, these answers have helped me to understand that this holy revelation was meant for me alone, and that publicizing it would mean an earthly hardship which I am not prepared to undergo.


  1. if you truly believe this, you should share it with the world. all christians look crazy to everyone but christians so i dont think you should worry about that part ^_^

  2. no…you should not reveal any of the message..in fact you should not even let people know that god spoke to you… you should write all of it down in your memoir and when you die, they will do a book about it and even a movie about it….

  3. Your’re really a nutjob. Keep your hallucinations to yourself. You can’t possibly have a message from a non-existent entity.

  4. So are you scared of looking crazy? People thinking you’re crazy is the last thing you’d have to worry about if you’re wrong. And if you’re right… well… that’s still about the last thing you have to worry about.

  5. Well, if God wants you to reveal it, then I think you should. You should have no fears about it since God is with you. God will protect you.
    Many people would like to know what the message is..

  6. I know God has spoken to me in my past. You need to pray if this message is for you or for you to share. If the message isn’t meant for you to share then people will be confused. God will reveal to you in his own way if you ask for wisdom and knowledge of understanding.

  7. SHARE>
    God,dess chooses those who can act as angels on earth.
    You are one of those.
    Please do. Blessed Be, for your path seems to be difficult.

  8. First, I don’t believe what you are saying is real. The main reason is I believe if God spoke to anyone they would know it without question. However I do not know.
    If God did give you a message and did not tell you not to reveal it then you have to reveal God’s message. How can anybody be saved without God’s messages. In other words you would be causing harm not to reveal God’s message. This would be a great sin.
    It would be like if I knew there was a deadly snake in your house and I did not let you know about it. The snake killed you. It would be partly my fault because I did not let you know about it. If I let you know about it you would still be alive.

  9. I believe the Lord communicates with me almost everyday, but what He says to me or reveals to me never goes against His word or who He is. If what was “said’ to you could be considered blasphemous or controversial, chances are you didn’t hear from the Lord.
    I would strongly counsel you to speak with the leadership in your church before you say anything to anyone else. Tell them what you heard and let them judge what the Lord told you. If what you heard was error, you would not want to hurt other people with it and cause the division you think you will. It is not acceptable to the Lord to bring error, confusion, or division into His body. If leadership is in agreement with what you are saying, and the word you have is from the Lord, it will be good to share it with the church.
    When I was a new Christian, I was convinced that the Lord had revealed some things to me in the book of Revelations. I was living in a state of agitation because of it. I felt like the Lord told me to speak with my pastor about it, and I did. My pastor quickly redirected me in my thinking once he heard what I had to say. I truly thought I had some big revelation from God. I was really embarassed, but I’d rather face a little humiliation than walk in error.
    I encourage you to be open to the possibility that what you heard was not from the Lord. Learning to hear from God is a process, and it takes time to be able to sift through and find out which voice is His.
    Finding out you’re wrong is not the problem…it’s being wrong and thinking your right that will get you messed up.


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